Bloomengine Taking Part in the Urban Gardening Revolution by Capturing 100 Percent Funding on Kickstarter in Four Days

Bloomengine uses smart technology to simplify home gardening for plant enthusiasts.

Bloomengine, the fully automated smart indoor planter has gained considerable interest from the online community, evidenced by its fully funded Kickstarter campaign. Bloomengine eliminates anxiety that may arise from taking care of a plant by guiding individuals through the most crucial stages of their plant’s life.

The Bloomengine encapsulates and provides your pet plant with the necessary air circulation, light, nutrients and water. The fully automated system allows users to adjust the settings according to the plant’s needs. The upgraded version includes an embedded camera which can record the plant’s progression and also allows users to create time-lapse videos to share with friends and family.     

“Living in the city limited my potential for gardening and landscaping. I found that people needed a better way to grow and care for plants indoors. After years of research and development, Bloomengine is the solution I created,” says Founder and CEO, William Park.

This device is perfect for city-dwellers, first-time growers and plant enthusiasts. Once the Bloomengine is plugged in, users can simply choose a seed from the complimentary sample package, download the app from either the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and follow the simple 8-step guide to get started.  

Bloomengine’s primary features include:

  • LED light: Covers the full light spectrum to mimic sunlight
  • Water pump: Keeps the water circulated throughout the 40oz/1.2L tank
  • Compressed soil: Provides the essential minerals and nutrients to keep your plant healthy
  • Micro-fan: Manages the temperature inside the Bloomengine promotes the exchange of gases
  • Colored mood light: Adjusts to match the atmosphere of the room
  • Smartphone application: Allows users to schedule watering, lighting, and time-lapse recordings
  • Embedded Camera: Takes pictures and creates time-lapse videos of your plant as it grows

Pre-orders for Bloomengine are now available through the product’s Kickstarter page. During the campaign, Bloomengine Color can be purchased for $129 USD as the Early Bird price and $149 USD as the Regular price. Bloomengine Vision can be purchased for $149 USD as the Early Bird price and $169 USD as the Regular price. When the campaign funding goal is achieved, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be complete in April 2019.

About Bloomengine, Inc. 
Bloomengine, Inc. is a California-based start up that aims to prevent further global plant extinction by improving the environment of indoor cultivation for plants using modern technology. The products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California and are manufactured in Seoul, Korea. More information can be found on their website:

Source: Bloomengine


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