Blood Drive Carshow Comes to Yorkville, IL, Kendall County Fairgrounds May 12

Built by legendary builder Gene Winfield, cool cars like 'the Reactor' which starred on the original 'Star Trek' and 'Bewitched' TV shows will Appear at the Blood Drive Car Show in Yorkville, Illinois supporting Blood Brothers Endeavor and their blood partners LifeSource in their lifesaving mission of keeping the blood supply stable and available for all Americans.

Blood Drive Car Show May 12th in Yorkville, IL

“Now is not the time for cool. Now is the time for action,” states Blood Drive Car Show event producer Trace Edwards. "We have amazing rides like the cool built by legendary car guy Gene Winfield, The Reactor which starred on the original Star Trek and also starred on Bewitched as a present from Samantha to Darren. It rises about 12 inches when started so it can drive."

When organizers sat down to develop a new and unique event concept, they focused on a gathering with a purpose that will benefit local communities and the greater society. It quickly became apparent that the nation’s virtually unspoken daily shortage of blood supply for America’s citizens would be a tremendous focus. Watch the LA event:

On May 12 in Yorkville, Illinois, the second in a series, Blood Drive Carshow will debut with an amazing collection of automobiles, and more. Blood Drive Car Show is partnering with LifeSource, Chicagoland’s largest blood bank network, to help keep the blood supply stable and assist in raising financial contributions to help with processing and transport costs. It will feature displays from Barris Kustom City, historic Hot Rods and Kustoms, the Chicago Brushmasters panel jam and auction benefiting Ronald McDonald House, Model Car display alongside a “build and take” a model car for the kids, a unique Historical display and Celebrity Kulture DJ’s and Live music with food trucks to satisfy your hunger.

Blood does not last forever and it cannot be frozen! Blood has a shelf life and lasts only 42 days and Platelets only 5 days. Whatever blood that is not used across the entire medical system is Federally mandated to be diluted and destroyed to ensure safe transfusions. Edwards adds, “This means the need for blood is constant and it’s up to ALL of us – America’s Citizens – to keep the blood supply steady. We also want people to be aware of and educated to the fact that being heavily tattooed does NOT prevent individuals from being a Life Giving Donor. That is a myth!” The organizers have pledged FREE admission for those who donate a pint at the show.

Edwards adds, “We encourage you to sign-up and commit to donate a pint or make a cash donation no matter what size. Register:

Attendees will be supporting Blood Brothers Endeavor and their blood partners LifeSource in their lifesaving mission of keeping the blood supply stable and available for all Americans. Enjoy the Drive! Thank you to our sponsors including the Magnum Watch Company

“Cause We Bleed For These Cars.” |

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