"Blind In": Hide in Plain Sight and View Nature at Its Best

Attention hunters! Concealment in the outdoor environment is mandatory and if you use a ATV to reach your chosen area you will benefit from and appreciate this new product. The Blind In is an aftermarket, add-on hunting blind designed for use with an All-Terrain Vehicle or its newer relative, the Utility Task Vehicle. Offering hunters, and others, full, mobile cover and camouflage along with three shooting/observation ports, the design intent is to allow hunters and nature or wildlife photographers and observers encounter wildlife up close without being easily detected.

The Blind In is a camouflaged blind that could be raised and lowered as quickly and easily as a set of curtains, and possesses three gun-ports for easy shooting access. The Blind In consists of a frame and fabric canopy. The tubular frame has four vertical posts mount with clamps to the front and rear corners of the ATV or UTV's cargo-racks; and four horizontally-oriented tubes mount at the tops of these posts creating a rectangular roof-rack which in turn supports the fabric blind canopy. Both the vertical posts and the roof-support tubes are adjustable permitting the individual ATV- or UTV-owner to custom-fit the Blind In. The Blind In canopy is fastened to the horizontal roof-support tubes by Velcro® and fabricated in canvas or in a synthetic like Sunbrella®. The canopy is water-repellent, UV-resistant, tear-resistant, wheatear-proof (destructive songbirds). The canopy is camouflaged forms a four-sided tent-like unit with drop-down, roll-up sides which extend to within an inch or two of the ground. The bottom corners of the canopy is weighted for minimal and the bottom corners of the sides are metal-grommeted holes should it be necessary to stake the sides down as well. The front and two sides of the Blind In are equipped with zippered, rectangular shooting ports permitting plenty of horizontal and vertical range-of-motion. A cord-and-pulley system is employed to lower and raise the Blind In canopy. Within the Blind In, the hunter, photographer or observer is concealed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Blind In. 
The Patent Pending Blind In was invented by Ivan Strmic and Ivica Strmic of Chicago, IL who said, “The sight of an ATV or UTV spells MAN to animals and MAN spells trouble that wildlife want to avoid at all costs. The Blind In enables a hunter, a nature photographer or an observer to be concealed and silent when necessary and mobile to get into place. It camouflages the wild land transportation and the user. It is a completely mobile, self-contained blind that goes virtually everywhere. It works perfectly.”

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