Black Card Management Team Gears Up for Wins at Conference

​Members of the Black Card Management team recently returned from a leadership conference. The team gained significant knowledge and also had ample opportunity to network with industry leaders.

“These conferences are designed to be so enriching,” exclaimed Lauren, Black Card Management’s President. “They are important to our leaders as well as the success of our company because they present us all with the opportunity to grow, learn, and meet potential business partners.”

As Lauren shared, education and networking are the key purposes for attending the conference. “I can’t think of a better way for the Black Card Management team and myself to sharpen our skill sets,” she noted. “We always bring back what we learn to share with the team. In fact, the ultimate takeaway from these conferences is the teamwork needed to promote products and the innovative ways in which we can do so.”

“You never know when you’re going to have an Aha! moment,” Lauren continued. “It’s so rewarding to learn from others, to listen to their struggles and how they’ve overcome issues. I gather so many great ideas from the solutions that these industry leaders present. Most importantly, I can share this experience with my team as we grow together to truly impact the marketplace.”

Black Card Management’s President Discusses Event-Based Marketing Knowledge Gained

Lauren highlighted that the Black Card Management experts who attended the conference were treated to considerable information that will help them further their success in event-based marketing. “This conference really opened our team’s eyes to new approaches to use in promotions and sales,” she said. “We’ll be able to apply these tips right away while the ideas are fresh and our team is motivated and excited to see what they can do with this information.”

“One of the keys to event-based marketing is how well we can connect with the public,” Lauren noted. “This means stretching our comfort zones and taking some risks to capture attention. We want to create memorable experiences for potential customers. We want to personalize messages so that they add value to the lives of those we encounter.”  

As Lauren continued, the event approaches they learned about at the conference were thrilling. “It’s going to be so much fun to implement these new practices into our promotion development and execution. Not only will we enjoy this, the businesses we represent will be thrilled with the results.”

“We definitely plan on continuing to attend these conferences in the future,” Lauren concluded. “I look forward to providing this experience to new leaders as well.”

About Black Card Management:

Black Card Management has become the region’s most prominent event-based marketing firm. Its success is due to the passion and hard work of its talented executives. They use innovative outreach methods that grab public attention and drive leads and sales for exciting brands. By staying current on the latest industry trends, they maintain sharp insights into the world of business. They are also supported by experienced leaders who are committed to the well-being of all involved: the brands they serve, their team members, and the firm itself. See what they’ve accomplished, along with their current projects, at

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