Black Card Management Partners With Local Institutions

Black Card Management leaders have developed partnerships with local colleges and universities to provide both career and internship opportunities. The firm's Director discussed the value of working with young professionals.

“The spring semester is coming to an end, which means that graduates will be seeking careers and undergraduates will be looking for internships,” stated Lauren, Black Card Management’s Director of Operations. “Thanks to our aggressive expansion schedule, we have several roles for which recent grads and ambitious students would be perfect.”

Those students who work closely with their school’s career counseling centers are exactly the kinds of applicants the Black Card Management team likes to interview. These are the scholars who know how to make use of the tools and resources at their disposal to pursue knowledge and success. “People who know what they want and are willing to pay their dues – this is what we look for, and always find, by partnering with schools in the Denver area.”

Black Card Management’s Director on What the Firm and Young Professionals Gain From Each Other

Developing and maintaining professional relationships with local schools is part of the recruiting strategy that Lauren has helped institute for Black Card Management. Rather than leave talent acquisition up to chance, the Director and her managers consider current and future personnel needs, skill sets, and the possibilities for development that current team members possess. Then they use that data to inform their hiring decisions. Working with both new graduates and current students gives the company access to a broad range of talent and potential, not to mention young people who are ready to prove they have what it takes to succeed in the fast-paced world of interactive marketing.

“We’re definitely not the only ones who benefit from our higher-education partnerships,” Lauren declared. “Those who qualify to join our organization, either as full-fledged marketers or interns, have a lot to look forward to. Social events, business travel, and merit-based promotions are just a few of the perks of being on the Black Card Management team.”

Beyond those tangible benefits, there is also the added bonus of Black Card Management’s cutting-edge training program, which seamlessly combines traditional education methods with practical experience and one-on-one guidance. It virtually guarantees that a fresh recruit will be well-versed in the company’s methodology rapidly. “Experience is not as big a factor with us as cultural fit. We can teach our approach, but we can’t teach soft skills like optimism and humility. This is another big benefit to those who are still in school or just getting out, because many other companies are looking for work history. I’m proud of our higher-learning partnerships and what Black Card Management both gives and receives as a result.”

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