Black Artist Explores Safety Between Black and Blue Communities Through Storytelling With 'inCOPnegro'

Dominic Moore-Dunson

Dominic Moore-Dunson and his all-Black cross-disciplinary team of artists are thrilled to announce the collaborative new project inCOPnegro, an evening-length dance-theatre and storytelling podcasting project exploring the concept of "safety" through the lens of storytelling, parenthood, and police relations in Black communities throughout America.

inCOPnegro and its companion podcast inCOPnegro: Black & Blue aims to peel back the stories of individuals on both sides of the "blue line" while Dominic, a new Black father, looks to answer the question, "How do we raise our children in a world where their safety is a threat every day?"

"As a 31-year-old Black man, I have been pulled over by police no less than 45 times in my life," states Moore-Dunson. "Then after the death of George Floyd in 2020, as a father-to-be, I realized for the first time I didn't only have to worry for my own safety, but that of my unborn son. I began reaching across my network asking Black parents, 'How do you teach your kids about the police?', and the overwhelming answer was, 'You just teach them to get home.'"

Today, the inCOPnegro team is conducting an interview process with Black officers, Black parents, and civic leaders throughout Ohio and across the country. The first of several "Works in Progress" shows is scheduled for Dec. 8, 2021, in Akron, OH, with the full premiere set for the summer of 2023 with a U.S. tour beginning in the fall of 2023.

If you have a specific story related to this topic, here's how you can add your voice to the project:

Call or Text 330-439-4500: Share your story with Dominic through voicemail or text message. You can choose to add your voice to the public podcast or stay anonymous. 

Write: Submit your story anonymously at

Connect: Schedule a meeting with Dominic to share your story with him directly by finding a time at

The development of inCOPnegro is made possible in part by NCCAkron with additional support from Akron Reimagining the Civic Commons, Akron Community Foundation, and Akron Soul Train.

You can support and follow the making of this project by visiting

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About the Artist: Dominic Moore-Dunson is an award-winning choreographer, professional dancer, producer, teaching artist, and speaker. A 2021 Top 40 finalist of the National Dance Project Production Grant of his work inCOPnegro, Dominic has received numerous recognitions as a choreographer including 2021 Associate Artist at Atlantic Center for the Arts #180 with Doug Varone, and 2019 Cleveland Arts Prize's Emerging Artist Award for Theatre & Dance. Moore-Dunson is a Creative Research Residency Artist and named a Creative Administration Research Fellow with the National Choreography Center at The University of Akron. 

About NCCAkron: The National Center for Choreography at The University of Akron supports the research and development of new work in dance by exploring the full potential of the creative process.

Source: Dominic Moore-Dunson