BITPOINT, the First Exchange to Launch in El Salvador in Partnership With a Local Bank

The japanese crypto-to-FIAT exchange launched to allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, USD Coin, BNB, Chainlink, EOS and Dash with USD in El Salvador using the financial system to deposit and withdraw in USD.

BITPOINT El Salvador

The platform is described as "state of the art in terms of crypto investments," from where it eases the buy and sell operations for the main crypto assets of the market with local currency available to all Salvadorans.

  • BITPOINT has positioned itself as the most extended crypto exchange in Latin America, with local presence, support and partnerships with the financial system in 10 countries. It started regional activities four years ago and today has a presence in Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and now El Salvador
  • BITPOINT announced the partnership with a local bank to enable USD deposits and withdrawals. The exchange also offers deposits with Visa cards and PayPal

The platform has real-time attention to users through WhatsApp, email and social networks, which also facilitates access to the crypto world for beginners, but also maintains a quick and timely response to advanced users requirements, which has made BITPOINT a leader in the crypto industry in users satisfaction.

"Today we have a world-class platform available to crypto enthusiasts of all levels of sophistication in Latin America. We know that it is a time when many people are starting out in the crypto space, so we have done what it takes to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience, but also added professional features that the most experienced can operate with, and alliances with local banks to deposit and withdraw in local currency safely. There is a great advance in the ecosystem in technological, legal and financial inclusion matters promoted by the Presidency in El Salvador," said Julian Geovo, BITPOINT's Director of Operations for Latin America.

BITPOINT is positioned as the door that connects the crypto world with the traditional financial system, allowing deposits and withdrawals of local currencies in the countries it operates, accompanying them with strict compliance processes, supported by cutting-edge technology in terms of KYC and permanent transactions monitoring.

"We are proof that in crypto things can be done safely and correctly for the user and transparent for the authorities. Today we are already regulated in our country of origin Japan and we follow regulatory processes in several Latin American countries. El Salvador is a benchmark in crypto and we will contribute to the success started by President Bukele," added Geovo.

"We have been established in El Salvador for more than two years, betting the country as the first international player, and today we are pleased to see how the remittance, investment and financial inclusion system is transformed thanks to blockchain technology," concluded Geovo.

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Source: BITPOINT Latam