BITPOINT Launches Japanese Weeks for Crypto Users in Latin America

BITPOINT Latam is continuing to expand its services in Latin America, a market that is seeing rapid growth in cryptocurrency adoption. BITPOINT's executives have stated that their recent focus on the Japanese market is part of their plan to increase education and commercial activity in the cryptocurrency space.

BITPOINT Latam, with its origins from JFSA-licensed BITPOINT Japan, launched Japanese Weeks for its crypto users in Latin America, a period of education and commercial activities aimed at promoting the use, trading, and development of new cryptocurrency-based products in Latin America.

According to the latest Chainalysis' Global Adoption report, Latin America is one of the fastest-growing regions in terms of crypto adoption. Remittances, Investment and hedging from inflation and local currencies devaluations are driving crypto adoption in the region. Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador are the countries with the highest use of crypto in Latin America.

"Our Japanese Weeks are aimed to build the necessary knowledge and crypto culture for the development of the industry in Latin America. The adoption is evolving fast because Bitcoin and other crypto assets have the fundamentals to help people to hedge from the structural failures of the archaic Latin America's financial system. It is time to build a brand new way of banking for emerging markets and Latin America is the perfect scenario for that," said Julian Geovo, Operations Director of BITPOINT for Latin America.

BITPOINT's Japanese Weeks will run from Dec. 26 to Jan. 31.

BITPOINT landed in Panama in 2018 and started its regional expansion in Latin America. BITPOINT Latam is currently the most widespread cryptocurrency exchange in the region, with active operations in Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

"We are proud of our Japanese heritage. The strong operational know-how and compliance policies have helped us to become the crypto exchange with the largest presence in Latin America. We are currently working with local regulators to make crypto safe for users and transparent for authorities in this side of the world, too. We thank our Japanese partners BITPOINT and its Tokyo stock exchange listed mother company, Remixpoint Inc, including distinguished directors Genki Oda, Yoshihiko Takahashi and Yuji Nakagomi for all their support," added Geovo.

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Source: BITPOINT Latam