Bit-Click Prototype Generation II Readies for Launch Within Next 90 Days

New design provides storage solution using original In-Tite secure and watertight protection with added carrying capacity of up to 18 drill driver bits.

Dubbed the perfect solution for storing impact, driver and drill bits by industry professionals, Bit-Click boasts a clever design which keeps bits completely secure, dry, clean and in one central location. 

The New Jersey-based company behind the innovative Bit-Click recently announced, in the wake of formidable success with the first generation of product, its Prototype Generation II, set for tooling and production within the next 90 days.

The new design of Generation II provides a storage solution using the original In-Tite secure and watertight protection with the added carrying capacity of up to 18 drill driver bits. Bit-Click company representatives have been ecstatic about the launch of Generation II, continuing to cite the ways the new product will save both time and money for industry pros.

“Building on the strengths of the original Bit-Click, Generation II will continue to offer a system in which bits are easily inserted and removed from the In-Tite slots, thus keeping them totally secure,” states Michael Di Monte, inventor of Bit-Click. “Adding the convenience of 18 drill driver bit capacity will increase productivity, decrease time and just make life easier for the user.”

Bit-Click will continue to update its website and social media pages as Generation II nears launch. 

All information pertaining to Bit-Click can be obtained by visiting or emailing

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