Bit-Click Announces Steady Retail Sales and Reorders Based on First Month of Distribution Reports

New Jersey-based drill, impact and driver bit storage solution manufacturer also grows by expanding sales and distribution outside the US. Changi Wu Law Offices is appointed as US Intellectual Property legal counsel.

Based in Cream Ridge, New Jersey and dedicated to helping industry professionals save time and money in a myriad of ways, Bit-Click is a 100-percent American manufacturer of a solution that ensures impact, driver and drill bits remain secure, clean and dry while preventing damage such as rust.

The company recently – and proudly – announced steady retail sales and reorders based on the first month of distribution reports, while also indicating growth by way of expanding sales offerings and distribution into ten additional countries.  The Bit-Click advertisements in other countries has prompted a massive movement of facebook page "Likes" 800 in just the past few days and the company expects this trend to continue to grow. Bit-Click will soon be offering similar contests nationwide for purchases here in the U.S. in the months ahead.

Bit-Click’s board of directors, including majority shareholder and company founder Michael Di Monte, appointed Changi Wu Law Offices of Edison, New Jersey as US Intellectual Property legal counsel, taking into consideration Mr. Wu’s degrees in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

“It made perfect sense to appoint an expert attorney such as Changi Wu, as legal counsel” states Di Monte. “In graduating from the respected Rutgers School of Law with the honor of the American Bar Association/BNA Award for Excellence – Intellectual Property Law, Changi Wu has assisted clients on the matters regarding patent applications, patent litigation, trademark registrations, copyrights and business registrations, equating to a natural fit as our US Intellectual Property legal counsel.”

Impact, driver and drill bits are easily lost, costing both time and money, and Bit-Click has proven to be the perfect solution for home use as well as for industry professionals. The clever design of the product provides an attachment loop that converts from containing and storing to a wear-and-carry solution, keeping Bit-Click ultra-accessible. The product hanger provides for multi-clip assess ability and uses technology to secure bits in a water-tight manner. 

English version of the Bit-Click "in the box" advertisement in other countries that Sparked the facebook page "likes" movement:

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