Bishop Eddie Long Scandal Sparks Mass Exodus Out Of Mega Churches

According to several sources inside of New Birth Missionary Church some members are no longer as active as they were prior to the breaking news of the scandal, and even more have left the church seeking out other ministries in the area.

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal Sparks An Exodus Out Of Mega Churches

It was only a matter of time before a segment of the members at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church would begin to grow weary of all the coverage regarding the scandal surrounding Bishop Eddie Long. o
Sources within the congregation told the Preacher Bureau of Investigations ( that most of the people now filling the pews are not the long time members who build the mega ministry but more of the crowd who became intrigued by the scandal.

According to one long time member from the congregation, the way this scandal was handle by Bishop Eddie Long has rubbed his core base the wrong way.

"I think it really showed a lack of respect in the way Bishop Eddie Long and his legal team handle this whole scandal by not telling the congregation the truth in plain English. We were treated the same as the media, very nonchalant, and vague. I have decided to find another ministry that is not involved in so much drama."

A spokesperson for the PBI says the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal will mark the beginning of a mass exodus out of large mega ministries as members seek refuge from donation based sermons.

"The major complaint that many former church goers have with large Mega Ministries is the intense focus on donations and the superstar status of the Pastors. As Ministers continue to prosper while their members continue to lose their homes due to foreclosure, I fully can understand the cacophony of criticism toward the current mega church."

Pastor Ed Young Jr. Pastor of Fellowship Church has experienced a decline in not only active members but also the overall amount of donations due to scandals surrounding the purchase of a luxury jet and the treatment of staff. As reported by a Fox 8 investigation Pastor Ed Young Jr. denied owning a $7 million Falcon Series Jet but it was later revealed the Fellowship Church was in fact the owner of the jet.

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