Bishop Eddie Long Mega Ministry Equals Mega Money

The Preacher Bureau of Investigation ( has released a listing of some of the top-paid leaders of non-profit organizations.

Bishop Eddie Long Mega Church Equals Mega Money

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If anyone was wondering where the money will come from in order to settle the law suits facing Bishop Eddie Long, than look no further than the first pew at New Birth Baptist Church. Even on a slow month a mega ministry like New Birth can collect well over $500k, now factor in celebrity members and that number quickly jumps to over $1 million per month.

The Preacher Bureau of Investigation ( has released a listing of some of the top-paid leaders of non-profit organizations. The PBI obtained its information from public records, primarily from the 990 forms that must be filed annually by every U.S. non-profit organization (with the exception of churches). The entire point of the 990 form is to inform the public of the financial affairs of non-profit organizations so that potential donors can make intelligent decisions about contributions.

As reported by Pimp Paul Crouch, head of the Trinity Broadcasting Network was near the top, with an annual salary of $409,306. His wife, Jan, was paid $361,000.

Making almost $3,000 per work day, they bring new meaning to the phrase "daily bread." Public records also indicate that they live in a five-million dollar, 9,500 square-foot house in Newport Beach that has nine bathrooms, an elevator, a six-car garage, tennis court and pool with fountain. But there is more.

A TBN-owned, 80-acres estate in Dallas is worth $10 million. And there are 30 ministry-owned houses in California and scattered across the country at the Crouch's disposal. They can easily travel to those homes using the ministry's $7 million Canadair jet.

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