Bigme Announces Launch of inkNote Color, World's First Color E-Ink Tablet w/ Dual Cameras

Bigme, a team specializing in the digital paper tablets industry since 2008, announced the launch of the world's first 10.3" true color E-ink tablet with an 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Equipped with E-ink Kaleido 2 screen, inkNote Color presents a vivid paper-like and eye-friendly display for reading, writing, and sketching and increases efficiency, boosts productivity, and makes reading more comfortable and enjoyable. Learn more here:

Bigme inkNote Color E-ink display delivers up to 1872*1404 high resolution at 226 PPI for a sharp and crisp display of black & white content and 936*702 resolution at 117 PPI for color content. This 10.3-inch screen is capable of displaying comics, magazines, newspapers and books with perfect clarity and in stunning color. With four different screen speed modes and 36 levels of light adjustment, inkNote provides increased performance for photos, text, surfing the web or watching videos.

"E-ink display technology has long been preferred by readers of digital content for its eye-friendly characteristics and realistic paper-like quality. Until recently, these displays performed best at displaying black and white content and struggled to accurately present color. Bigme inkNote Color represents a new generation of E-ink displays with the ability to display crisp, sharp, true colors for any digital content. For inkNote, we took things a step further, equipping the device with voice controls, powerful translation features and front and rear cameras that open up a world of possibilities for work, entertainment, and more." - Lam Lin, CEO, Bigme

Unlike other tablets limited by proprietary operating systems, Bigme InkNote Color runs Android 11 and ships with Google Play pre-installed. inkNote Color is the first E-ink tablet to include both front and rear cameras for added productivity. With an 8MP rear camera, inkNote Color can convert photos into text to create documents, add annotations, and upload via app for viewing at any time. With a 5MP front-facing camera, inkNote Color lets users connect with the world face-to-face. With four integrated noise-canceling microphones, it can be used for voice dictation, such as voice-to-text, and the speech recognition is compatible with up to 31 languages with 98% accuracy.

inkNote Color also includes a clever 2-on-1 split screen feature that can divide the screen and switch it horizontally or vertically to streamline workflow and doubles efficiency when reading, annotating, or working on document translations. inkNote includes a smart stylus with three function buttons and is configured with an intelligent voice control system for hands-free operation.

The Bigme inkNote Color is a powerful tool for reading, writing, sketching and increasing productivity for work and presentations. This stunning new true color tablet is the most advanced E-ink reader in its class and the perfect choice for business, entertainment, and content creation. Bigme inkNote Color is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:

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