Big Brother Lights Up LED Lanyards to Show Winners and Losers

Lanyard lights up for winners and losers on Big Brother

The show Big Brother Over The Top is lighting up contestants with brilliant LED lanyards, using Xylobands light-up technology made famous by Coldplay. The LED lanyards are worn during every episode's climax in a winners and losers sequence.  The lanyards are controlled live, changing colors to show who's in and who's out.

Big Brother, on CBS All Access, is using new event technology provided by Xylobands USA. Xylobands are an entertainment phenomenon, experienced by over 11 million people. This years Coldplay Tour; A Head Full of Dreams, sold out stadiums around the world, and debuted new technologies and light-show special effects that have never been seen before. Hollywood based TLC Creative Special Effects created Xylobands USA to specialize in the light up LED Wristbands, and now the new LED lanyards.

The LED lanyards are the brightest audience light-up device yet created. This brilliance was demonstrated as TLC lit up 18,000 people with the new Xylobands lanyards at a Las Vegas conference for Cisco, filling the MGM Grand arena with light coming FROM the audience! Conferences and meetings will be inspired to use this exciting new experience for events.
LED LANYARDS by Xylobands USA >>>

Big Brother and TLC have worked together before; TLC created a laser beam competition for a previous season finale, and capped the show with a burst of live special effects, fog and streamers, signature effects for TLC.

See the LED wristbands that are changing the look and the experience of live entertainment.  DMX controllable LED wristbands using reliable RF are lighting up events of all sizes, from private parties to corporate events and more.

Xylobands USA / TLC will be demonstrating Xylobands LED Wristbands, LED Lanyards at this years Live Design LDI 2016 in Las Vegas on October 17 - 23.   LDI booth #815

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