Bidtellect Partners with Dun & Bradstreet to Deliver High Engagement to Key Decision-Makers

In a case study, Bidtellect's DSP optimization and contextual targeting achieved best advertising viewability for a financial services client in combination with Dun & Bradstreet's advanced audience technology.

Jonno Burden

Bidtellect is proud to offer Dun & Bradstreet qualified audiences to clients within its performance-driven demand-side platform. In a new case study, Bidtellect's context-driven targeting and optimization capabilities combined with Dun & Bradstreet's high-quality audiences enabled Bidtellect to target key decision-makers in the space while scaling across devices and driving meaningful engagement.

A regional financial services company needed to steer key industry decision-makers to its website and to be sure the intended people were engaging with its content. Bidtellect, a performance-driven DSP, partnered with Dun & Bradstreet to deliver both viewability and efficient spend to surpass the client's goals and outperform a competing vendor.

Delivering effective ad targeting takes a holistic approach, starting with ideal customer profiles and precise audiences and finishing with advanced programmatic targeting and optimization technology.

Bidtellect reports that the client sought to increase engagement with the thought leadership content on its website, particularly with articles positioning the client as leaders in environmentally friendly investing.

The client had very specific desired targets in the B2B space: Technology and Food & Agribusiness verticals, as well as including their customer's list of B2B Key Accounts. The client also wanted to track ad engagement to ensure conversions came from those targets.

"Delivering effective ad targeting takes a holistic approach," said Jonno Burden, Bidtellect Senior Director of Sales. "We knew complementing our contextual targeting capabilities and advanced optimization technology with a leader in audience segmentation like Dun & Bradstreet would make a meaningful difference to our clients, but we wanted to test that."

To do so, Bidtellect ran a three-month head-to-head performance test using Dun & Bradstreet's top-tier audiences of decision-makers, layering in additional segmentation criteria to restrict the scope of the test to the client's target audience.

Using Bidtellect's context-driven targeting and optimization capabilities with Dun & Bradstreet's qualified audiences, Bidtellect successfully targeted decision-makers in the desired industries, plus scaled across devices - and outperformed the client's goals.

The client had a budget of $83,750 for the campaign, with a target of a 70 to 75 percent viewability rate and a cost per site visit of $8 to $20 for display ads and $2 for social ads.

Bidtellect achieved a viewability rate of 82 percent and a cumulative cost per site visit of just $2.98 - a small fraction of the targeted cost and surpassing viewability goals even against social channels.

"Bidtellect's mission is to deliver ads that work for its clients and to deliver efficiency in buying, selling, and delivering those ads across the web," Burden said. "It's clear that for this client, we did just that, bringing in more qualified traffic and generating more engagements from qualified visitors, with the help of Dun & Bradstreet's high-quality audiences, than the competing vendor."

Bidtellect's success stems from its roots in native display ads, Burden said, with its platform delivering context-first optimization and cookieless solutions - the future of online advertising - without risking brand safety.

To learn more about Bidtellect, visit us here or access the case study with Dun & Bradstreet on Better Data & Insights Help Reach the Right Targets For Less.



Bidtellect is a performance-driven DSP specializing in context-first optimization, cookieless solutions, and native programmatic. We pride ourselves in premium supply quality and optimizing down to the placement level, while offering deep campaign insights across a wide range of KPIs for our brand, agency, and trading desk partners. Bidtellect consistently outperforms competitors in nearly every head-to-head performance test thanks to industry-leading brand safety technology, premium supply quality, superior context capabilities, and proprietary bid factoring and optimization technology: delivering ads that work.


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Source: Bidtellect