Bgogo and Ultrain's Mutual Debut Craving for 'Love'

On Sept. 26, Bgogo Exchange announced it will be the first exchange to exclusively list Ultrain, featuring its token UGAS as the first external token qualified to be listed on Bgogo.

Founded in 2017, Ultrain is a top global public chain aimed to be the engine for decentralized applications. It has been a rising star featured excellent scores on top ICO recommendations and supported by top global investors. UGAS is used as a tool for service billing and settlement within the Ultrain ecosystem with a total supply of 1 billion tokens. Bgogo only lists the best digital assets on its own exchange, Ultrain stands out among hundreds of considerations.

-Featured as No.1 score on top ICO recommendations -Supported by top global investors
To express deep gratitude to the community, Ultrain and Bgogo will co-host a UGAS special-offer Genesis Mining event called “Proof of Love”, lasting for 24 hours prior to the official listing of UGAS.

During Genesis Mining, White List users will be invited to trade on the platform and receive a 105 percent rebate of the trading fee equivalent in UGAS. This way the lucky draws, should they be selected, will be able to obtain UGAS with a 5 percent bonus, cheaper and with no lock up, than their seed investors who paid a price 5 percent higher with a 1.5 years lock up period in total.

UGAS trading pairs will not be available during Genesis Mining. The amount of UGAS rebated will be calculated based on the seed sale price for the institutional investors.

During Ultrain’s previous seed sale finished in August, over thirty renowned institutions invested in the project including DHVC, FBG Capital, Draper Dragon Fund, Morningside Venture Capital, NGC Capital, Arrington XRP Capital and more.

Users who wish to be a part of the White List and participate in the Genesis Mining will need to meet the following criteria:

- Have an outstanding performance in the “UGAS’ Proof of Love” contest.
- Hold a minimum of 1 ETH equivalent of BGG during the contest.

The gold medal winners will be eligible for up to 10 ETH in allocations for UGAS, the silver medal will have 3ETH quota, and the bronze medal will get 1ETH. A grand total 3,000 ETH worth of UGAS will be rewarded to users during this event.

During the 10-day long contest, participants need to upload original articles, posters, or videos promoting Ultrain on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tik Tok. The criteria for final ranking is the quality and the popularity of the work, such us page-views, likes, and comments.

Please stay tuned for the official details for the rules for this opportunity. 

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