Beyond Indigo Pets Launches Innovative Data-Driven Marketing Dashboard for Veterinary Industry

Beyond Indigo Pets Dashboard

Veterinary marketing agency Beyond Indigo Pets recently launched an innovative, robust Marketing Dashboard to automatically integrate real veterinary practice performance data with marketing strategy and return on investment (ROI). Developed in cooperation with industry-leading veterinary data experts VetSuccess, this powerful marketing management tool retrieves active practice data and key metrics directly from veterinary practice management systems (PMS), presents the data in an easily digestible visual dashboard, and allows Beyond Indigo Pets' marketing strategists to plan, develop, and track the impact of marketing campaigns.

"Veterinarians are some of the busiest people on earth and implementing even a simple marketing plan can exceed the hours in a week. We identified where the roadblocks were for our customers to get the most out of their practice performance data, and worked with VetSuccess to develop a unique, innovative, custom dashboard to use as a foundational tool in developing comprehensive, effective, and trackable marketing strategies for our clients," Beyond Indigo Pets' CEO and Founder Kelly Baltzell, M.A., explained of the new dashboard.

The new Marketing Dashboard allows both practice managers and Beyond Indigo Pets' strategists to extract the most value from performance metrics—enabling real-time, data-driven marketing strategy development, adaptation, and campaign performance tracking—without having to manually pull and analyze the data. On-demand access to this actionable information allows Beyond Indigo Pets to react instantly to compare, strategize, and adjust the marketing campaign as the situation demands, which saves practices the time and effort of extracting and sharing the data themselves.

Beyond Indigo Pets' flagship marketing plans build customized strategies for veterinary practices, clinics, hospitals, associations, and groups to accomplish outstanding growth through specific, targeted, and goal-oriented website development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and more. Having on-demand access to real practice data such as sales performance, new client acquisition data, and service-focused revenue is critical to developing effective marketing strategies and tracking ROI.

For Beyond Indigo Pets marketing strategist Tom Kiesel, "The new veterinary Marketing Dashboard is an excellent foundational tool for comprehensive marketing strategy development. We can use the practice's real data for forecasting, retargeting, and ROI tracking without needing the client to spend extra time pulling information out of their PMS. We can assist our clients with proactive campaign development by monitoring which clients are due for wellness checkups, which services are hitting revenue targets, or where we need to direct marketing to stimulate practice growth."

With Beyond Indigo Pets' new veterinary Marketing Dashboard, clients can expect streamlined communication and easy access to practice metrics. This supports ongoing and dynamic marketing strategy development to work toward the practice's goals. By pairing the dashboard with a monthly marketing plancustom veterinary website, or as part of an all-in-one Nose-to-Tail Bundle, veterinary industry professionals can gain confidence in their marketing strategies and compare the performance of their marketing investments directly against their practice metrics.

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