Bettermeant Health Expands Partnerships to Bring Approved Healthcare Diagnostics to US Labs to Increase Testing for COVID-19 and Beyond

​With the US needing to continuously increase its access to diagnostics for routine testing for safer re-opening, Bettermeant Health is stepping into working with authorized and audited healthcare suppliers.

Amidst the pandemic, the challenge has not only been to access necessary materials but also identifying reliable partners. American healthcare is facing a major revolution in the past few months, and it is only highlighted by our role on a global scale. Bettermeant Health's online healthcare marketplace focused on government health, is joining forces with major suppliers to provide a reliable pipeline in the face of a crisis. The Bettermeant Health team has in the past focused on providing digital health resources but has re-tooled its healthcare marketplace to respond to the world's changing needs.

Ahmed 'Eddie' Qureshi, Founder at Bettermeant Health said, "A timely response right now requires not only the ability to get the diagnostic kits and materials but also building out a network of reliable partnerships that can adapt over time." In some places around the country, the response has been disparate and with individual providers needing to put in their own administrative resources to verify the authenticity of the sellers. This is a heavily manual process and one that Bettermeant Health is rectifying and make available to everyone for greater peace of mind through automation and verified partnerships.

Genophyll is proud to partner with 3B Blackbio Biotech, the manufacturer of FDA EUA authorized TRUPCR SARS-CoV-2 Kit, to broaden its ability to serve the Western hemisphere. The TRUPCR SARS-CoV-2 Kit is a highly-sensitive, comprehensive three gene detection assay (includes the E, RdRp, and N gene). In addition to its FDA Emergency Use Authorization, the kit has also been validated by the National Institute of Virology in Pune, a World Health Organization site.

This validation involved third party testing of the sensitivity and specificity of the kit before it was authorized for use. The CEO, Aditi Luthra said, "Our manufacturing partner in India, which currently holds the only Indian-made FDA EUA authorization for an RT-PCR kit for the novel coronavirus, has a capacity of 100,000 reactions a day. That, coupled with on-the-ground technical customer service support in the US and lower supply costs in India, uniquely positions Genophyll to offer a high-quality, easy to use, cost-effective solution."

With cases spiking in the US and states reopening, we need to be prepared for any eventualities and decisive response. Bettermeant Health continues to serve all healthcare stakeholders for a healthier America.

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Ahmed "Eddie" Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer, Bettermeant Health

Aditi Luthra​, Chief Executive Officer. Genophyll Enterprises

Mobile: 832-248-1629

Source: Bettermeant Health


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