Bettermeant Health and Sling Health Partner to Bring Modernized Clinical Care Operations to Military and Government Health Systems to Fight Health-Team Burnout

​​​Bettermeant Health’s online healthcare marketplace focused on government health is ramping up its partnerships in digital health to bring digital health solutions to those in need.​

Healthcare seems to be on everyone’s mind these days but while the country focuses on the latest problems under the pandemic however the burden is being placed on the health staff. The COVID-19 pandemic has showcased the current healthcare infrastructures that need to be modernized including the focus on healthcare providers.

As the country decides on how to continue its usual functions health teams around the country are in need of solutions that help connect all the stakeholders in intuitive and approachable ways.

Along with being approachable, the partnership between Bettermeant and Sling Health can streamline workflows and continue to provide reliable care experience. The US healthcare system in this critical time needs scalable healthcare solutions to bring additional capabilities to the most vulnerable. Sling Health is planning to build on its successes in commercial hospital systems to help those in need in the public sector.

Sling Health is an end-to-end operations platform for primary care to offload administrative tasks while providing better, direct patient care. For patients, Sling Health begins as a digital front door and helps them navigate their healthcare journey.

For practices, Sling Health monitors health plan and system data to trigger automated workflow to ensure critical visits get scheduled and gaps in care, such as preventative screenings, are closed. Their automation backed by a remote care team performs patient outreach, scheduling, e-forms, educational material, record requests, referrals, lab coordination, and much more.

Overall, Sling’s improved visit efficiency significantly lightens the load for onsite clinical teams allowing them to focus on building meaningful patient relationships. “Our mission is to simplify healthcare for everyone, and Bettermeant accelerates our reach into government primary care practices that support military personnel and their families. We could not be more excited to support practices that are systemically under-resourced but are the backbone of healthcare,” said Neil Batlivala, CEO and Co-Founder of Sling Health.

“With each partnership, Bettermeant Health continues to provide best-in-class solutions that allow patients and physicians with better outcomes. Healthcare is evolving quickly, and we need new tools and a platform to help launch and scale them rapidly for the greatest impact,” said Ahmed Qureshi, Founder of Bettermeant Health.

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