Betmaster Adds 'Lucky Token' to Ongoing ICO Campaign

Betmaster, a cryptocurrency sports betting platform, boosts ICO at halfway point; Over $5 million invested into the ICO so far; Up to $60 million in payouts under new 'Lucky Token' applied to all from 2018-2022

Betmaster ICO

Betmaster, the online sports betting platform currently 50 percent of the way through its ICO campaign, further adds to its offering with the inclusion of new "lucky token" bonuses for players. From Jan. 1, 2018, all stakes bet through the portal will automatically add 2 percent of Betmaster’s revenue into a random draw, including all BETM token owners.

The innovative team launched its ICO campaign at the start of September this year, and with just over a month remaining, Betmaster has gained over $5 million in investment and shows no sign of slowing. This latest addition to the platform adds yet another format for players to win; simply owning BETM tokens makes a user a potential winner.

Participants in the ICO round can buy the BETM tokens against BTC, ETH, LTC, EUR, USD and DASH payments. The funds from the ICO will be used to grow Betmaster into the 12 biggest markets, representing over 57 percent of the global online sports betting industry.

Currently, Betmaster is on target to simplify betting for all. With a mission of complete transparency and the reliability of blockchain technologies, it can streamline every facet of hosting large-scale betting and microbets alike. In the future, it will open the door for truly empowering its users with real P2P betting options.

The current ICO shall issue 100 million BETM tokens, at a fixed price of $1.00 each. Early participants stand to avail up to 30 percent in bonuses.

“When we launched the ICO just over a month ago, we were confident in our offering. Our latest addition of the ‘Lucky Tokens’ takes the solid foundation we have built and adds yet another way for our booming user base to win. Of course we want users to be playing; the more they play, the more we will be giving away for the lottery, but everyone that owns BETM tokens can be a winner, by simply being.”

With a mobile version a matter of months away, a clear whitepaper on the direction of things to come and imminent additions of some of the world’s largest betting markets, as well as fantasy sports betting in the pipeline, it is clear that as the blockchain becomes more widely understood on the mainstream market, Betmaster is positioned to be an old master in a new territory from the start.

The BETM tokens can be purchased online on the official platform during the ICO (ending Nov. 30, 2017). Please visit for more information.

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