Berry Academy's Lisa Rone Shares Her Secret Sauce for Brand Management

All eyes on Lisa Rone as she rallies to bring awareness to community service

Teamwork Makes a Dream Work

Online educator, business leadership and marketing expert Lisa Rone, MBA, shared her secret sauce for brand management at a youth basketball and football training camp organized by the Battle of the Trenches, a 501(c)(3) Youth Development Organization in Decatur, Georgia.

Lisa, whose passion is to educate young people about business, speaking at the event, states that one of the best strategies for brand management is through corporate social responsibility (CSR), a tactic that seeks to contribute to societal goals through charity, philanthropy or activism.

A company can improve upon its image in the community by generating buzz through outreach programs. This could be anything from giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving, donating stationery materials to a middle school or serving hot meals at a shelter. The main aim is to create events that positively impact the community.

Lisa Rone, MBA, provides business education through her online hub Berry Academy. Through this platform, Lisa offers course programs on professional development, personal development and leadership.

Lisa says about her passion for business education: "I wanted a business culture that welcomed kinfolks who were high school dropouts, those who struggle with reading or managing their ADHD. I love education, and I have taught more than 300,000 students throughout Clayton County Public School System."

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About Lisa Rone: Lisa Rone was born in Brooklyn, New York. With over 15 years of marketing, management, and leadership, she has honed her skills in the business niche and is now a recognized name in the Atlanta community. She is a proud member of the Atlanta Business League, serving on the Marketing Committee, and has been featured on various popular media platforms for the same expertise. Some of those platforms are ESPN, BET, and MTV.

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About Berry Academy: Berry Academy was founded by Lisa Rone in Atlanta, Georgia, with the aim of fostering service in the community, whether it is to help someone who needs a financial blessing, physical support or psychological assistance. Berry Academy was conceived in response to the need for community support and leadership at a time the U.S. economy reported that 500,000 millionaires lost their status and slipped into poverty and nearly 40 million jobs were lost by American families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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