Berkeley Capital Inks Strategic Partnership With Pensio Global

Offering Revolutionary Product Brokered in the U.S. by M&T Insurance

Berkeley Capital, Ltd., a Cleveland-based real estate private equity firm, today announced a new strategic partnership with Pensio Global, a credit risk consulting, management, and rental income guarantee company with offices in the U.S. and Canada.

Through this unique partnership, Berkeley Capital can now bring to market a revolutionary product not currently offered in the U.S.

"This exclusive product will be an X factor in the commercial real estate industry and will allow Berkeley to fill a current vacuum in the marketplace. Berkeley is well-positioned to thrive in both the current market environment and what lies ahead," says Michael Wager, Managing Director of Berkeley Capital.

Brokered by M&T Insurance, a wholly owned subsidiary of M&T Bank, this product significantly expands the scope of Berkeley's deal flow pipeline, enabling it to capitalize on a wide array of market opportunities. 

"M&T is excited about what this partnership means for both Berkeley and Pensio. This partnership signifies a momentous step forward in bringing a unique product to market. With their exclusive product, Berkeley and Pensio are already showing how strong their collaborative efforts are and what will be accomplished in the road ahead," says Jamie Cutler, Practice Leader, Construction & Real Estate of M&T Insurance.

Pensio is looking forward to bringing this product offering to the untapped North American market, providing strong avenues for growth for both Pensio and Berkeley.

"Adnan Zai and the Berkeley team bring decades of experience with numerous capital-raising structures, and this product helps provide even more opportunities for their clients. From the beginning, we saw that the synergies were aligned for us to work together, and we are extremely excited for what lies ahead," says Brandon Keks, CEO of Pensio Global.

About Pensio

Pensio Group of Companies (Pensio Global) is a credit risk consulting, management, and rental income guarantee company operating since 2004, specializing in proprietary rental income risk management programs tailored to the residential and commercial rental markets. Pensio is supported by a vast network of strategic relationships in property development, lending, insurance, and management technology. Pensio Global provides risk management consulting services and rental income guarantee programs in seven countries. More information is available at

About Berkeley Capital

Berkeley Capital is a boutique real estate private equity firm. We are dedicated to creating new investment opportunities for international sources of capital. Our passion for real estate investment stems from our specialized industry expertise and deeply rooted experience. We focus on providing our clients access to alternative investment strategies that are relevant in today's economic climate. Our experienced team and flexible approach maximize investor returns and produce results that support clients' long-term goals of wealth preservation and financial growth. Additional information is available at Follow Berkeley on LinkedIn.

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