Bengdii Is Changing Online Learning With Bee: A Revolutionary Comfort-First Online Learning Headset


Bengdii has announced that they will be opening pre-orders for their comfort-first online learning headset. Bee is a state-of-the-art headphone that eliminates the discomfort caused by all-day headset wear. Those who pre-order will get access to exclusive discounts up to 20% off.

Make Headset Fatigue A Thing Of The Past

Many students were obligated to conform to online classes due to the pandemic, and even with the world moving forward it looks like this form of learning is here to stay. Headsets are now a daily essential and Bengdii went on a mission to create one that prioritized lasting comfort for any school day.

The innovative design of Bee ensures ears are always stress-free. Conventional headsets are designed to cling on to the ears in order to stay put. Bee is designed to utilize the head for support, like a headband. This allows ears to be free from contact. Bee is mindfully constructed with soft silicone side supports, utilizes optimal tension design for maximum comfort, and is lightweight at only 80 grams.

Earpieces of the headset are rotated 10 degrees to follow the natural contour of the ear, so the earpieces are as close to the ears without contact. The earpieces can also be tilted to hover next to the ear without touching or covering the ears when better sound quality is needed.

Concentrate On What Matters Most

Headsets are a revolutionary invention but long-term use may be causing learning difficulties and even feelings of isolation. Headset fatigue is an epidemic in itself and is not only experienced by young learners but also by adults that need to immerse themselves in hours of work. Jin Sub Oh, Founder of Bengdii mentioned that "Bee allows students to concentrate without the headset fatigue. It is also designed to make sure the user is still aware of their surroundings, as Bee is an open type headphone. People should be able to wear headphones without fatigue and irritation while being able to concentrate on what really matters."

Put Your Health First

Bengdii wants individuals to stop neglecting their hearing health and they even consulted with Dr. Soonook Lim, a pediatrician at Sunchun Jungang Hospital who mentioned "I recommend students use Bengdii's Bee online learning headset instead of conventional headsets. The earpieces of the headset do not apply pressure on the ears and do not touch the ears. It not only lowers the risk of infection but also helps to protect hearing."

Feature Highlights

  • Contact-Free & Adjustable Earpieces
  • Adjustable Ear Distance
  • Optimal Band Tension
  • Max 85 dB Sound Limiter
  • Head Support

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Source: Bengdii Inc.

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