Ben Franklin Plumbing, Wichita's 'Go To' Plumbers for Sewer Line Repair, Announces Updated Pages for the New Year

Ben Franklin Plumbing is proud to announce upgraded content for the Wichita sewer line repair page. New information can help the Kansas community springboard into a New Year with new knowledge.

Plumbers for Sewer Line Repair

Ben Franklin Plumbing, a team of top-rated professional plumbers for Wichita and Central Kansas, is proud to announce a new page update. Kansas cities may, or may not, take on the responsibility of upgrading sewer lines depending on city policies and the connection point between a home and the city sewer. Depending on the location of a sewer line and city pipe, the financial burden could fall on a homeowners shoulders. The new, updated page for Wichita sewer line repair on the Ben Franklin website can provide helpful information from a team of professional plumbers.

"Kansas cities, including Wichita, face aging sewer infrastructure. Residents may think that they are off the hook for paying for sewer line repair on their property. They could be wrong," commented Jason Clark, Manager of Ben Franklin Plumbing of Wichita, Kansas. "The newly updated page talks about the different types of sewer line issues and who can expect to pay the price. Either way, choosing a professional plumber to do the job right is essential!"

Kansas cities, including Wichita, face aging sewer infrastructure. Residents may think that they are off the hook for paying for sewer line repair on their property.

Lee McDonald, Marketing Manager

Wichita homeowners searching for information concerning plumbing issues and services including water heater installation, gas line repair, and house drainage can go to the updated blog archive at Those looking for a single page on sewer line repair can visit


Here is a background on this release. Ben Franklin Plumbing has upgraded content on its web page relating to sewer line repair services in Wichita, Kansas. The revised landing page can highlight helpful details regarding trenchless sewer repair and options for unclogging an underground pipe. Upgrades to a city-wide sewer system in Kansas can seem slow to the population. After years of review by city planners, once plans are approved, it may take only a few weeks until the city has blocked off a Wichita street for repair. Residents could believe a project driven by city leaders could mean a free sewer line repair to a home. It can be a shock to receive a bill and find the responsibility to pay is on the property owner. If a Wichita neighborhood has anticipated a sewer line repair, it could be time to find a top Kansas plumber to manage it.

For these reasons, Ben Franklin Plumbing has announced an updated web page to help inform the Central Kansas community about Wichita sewer line repair. A homeowner searching for answers to sewer projects associated with city pipes can review the new page. A professional Wichita plumber can walk a homeowner through a sewer line repair issue and support and find the right solution to a problem. Trenchless sewer repair could keep a nicely-groomed front yard undisturbed. Sewer line maintenance could help solve a clogged pipe leading to the home. A new year can mean new plans for Wichita sewer line repair. A top-rated professional plumber can be called on to assist.


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