and Mendability Collaborate to Enable and Advance Needs-Based Approaches for Autistic Individuals and Their Care Teams

BeMe and Mendability

The BeMe and Mendability teams are pleased to share that they are collaborating in partnership to make their respective platforms available to the families and care teams they both serve.

Sharing a data-based, needs-based and individualized approach, the BeMe and Mendability platforms are complimentary tools.

The BeMe platform is an app providing tracking and daily insights which incorporate medical, behavioral and environmental factors at play, tailored for each Autistic child's evolving needs. 

"Our easy-to-use app provides highly personalized insights related to the child and only requires minutes of effort each day. It also includes caregiver wellbeing tracking and analytics, smart document and video sharing for the team and a community knowledge centre. We designed BeMe to be a companion for caregivers and the child's professional care team, where communication and collaboration can happen seamlessly and in a way that fits into the daily flow of life," shared Sarah Glofcheskie, BeMe's Founder and CEO. She continued, "BeMe is an excellent complementary, guiding tool for any program bringing life in-home and out-of-the-home together - bridging gaps between all parties working to support a child; a true circle of care."

Mendability has been serving families Autistic children and Autistic individuals for over 30 years, and delivers an online evidence-based program of brain activation called Sensory Enrichment Therapy.

Kim Pomares, Mendability's Founder and CEO explains, "We've always told our families that they need to track and log daily so that they can see what is working and what is not, and also so that they can communicate to their medical team in ways that makes sense to them and get their support. When we saw BeMe we knew it was what families needed and that they would love using it and seeing how it helps them avoid weeks and months of wasted time."

"We are so excited to collaborate with organizations we know well like Mendability, and to be working together on the evolution of support and care for Autistic individuals," concluded Sarah Glofcheskie, BeMe's Founder and CEO.

Source: BeMe AI

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