'Bell's Insta LIDS-Led Into Destiny's Service' Identifies Beverage Container, Keeps It Clean Between Sips and Free of Bugs

No matter the size of the crowd or the location, there is a way to keep one’s can or glass protected even when placing it down and chatting with someone. The Bell's Insta LIDS-Led Into Destiny's Service is a product line of elasticized, disposable plastic covers for drinking glasses, soda cans, cups, mugs and similar small containers, the use of which will permit consumers to ensure that their drinking vessels are clean, hygienic, and free of contamination or insect pests; easily identified at parties and social gatherings; and kept fresh between sips. Easily penetrated by a straw, this multi-use product will offer consumers a premium combination of personal utility, convenience, hygiene, and peace of mind.

Bell's Insta LIDS-Led Into Destiny's Service is a product line of single-use disposable, elasticized plastic covers or lids for a variety of drinking vessels and other similar containers: drinking glasses, soda cans, coffee and soup mugs, cocktail pitchers, wine carafes, and so forth. Fabricated in a food-grade plastic film, like (but slightly heavier than) that used in food-wraps, Bell's Insta LIDS slip over the rim or top and are held securely in position by an elasticized, vessel-hugging border protecting contents from insects, airborne bacteria, and unscrupulous tampering. Bell's Insta LIDS are produced in a wide range of distinctive colors and embellished with a variety of appealing patterns and graphic designs. The Lids serve to personalize and identify a user's specific glass and can also be easily penetrated by a drinking straw. Bell's Insta LIDS are available in multi-unit packages with each of the individual Lids having a different, distinctive color or pattern. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bell’s Insta LIDS-Led Into Destiny’s Service.

The Patent Pending Bell’s Insta LIDS-Led Into Destiny’s Service was invented by Betty Thrasher of Twentynine Palms, Calif., who said, “These are affordable and disposable and come in multiple sizes and work great when kids leave plates, bowls or glasses with contents not finished. Businesses can also use them to advertise when printed with a logo. Overall, these lids work perfectly.”

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