Believe It or Not! It's Been A Century of Strange for Ripley's

Latest book in bestselling series available Aug. 28

Ripley's Believe It or Not! A Century of Strange

From conga-dancing dogs and bicycling ballerinas to “hair”-raising feats of strength and death-defying motorcycle stunts, the newest book from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is sure to delight readers of all ages. Paying homage to the 100th-year anniversary of Robert Ripley’s first cartoon, "A Century of Strange" contains over 1,200 weird-but-true stories from around the world. 

The 15th edition in the popular Believe It or Not! series, "A Century of Strange" features 256 colorful pages of wild, wonderful and not-to-be-missed stories such as:

  • The adorable Pompeyo family and their 18 show dogs that can skip rope, jump from great heights and even dance in a conga line
  • Master of impalement arts The Great Throwdini — the only person in the world known to successfully perform the Veiled Double Wheel of Death stunt
  • Strongman Chris “Hairculese” Rider who can pull a car up to .25 miles using just his hair
  • Mega motocross star and Nitro Circus founder Travis Pastrana’s successful completion of the world’s first barge-to-barge motorcycle backflip
  • A Ripley-inspired creation by YouTube’s over-the-top food junkies Hellthy Junk Food
  • The artistic cycling talents of Lea Schaepe who can ride a bike while standing on the handlebars

"A Century of Strange" will be available at all major booksellers and on Amazon starting Aug. 28.

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