Nitro Circus Legends, Stories and Epic Stunts Takes Ripley's Believe It or Not! to the Extreme

Newest Book from World-Renowned Daredevils Details Their Action-Packed History -- Available Now

Nitro Circus - Legends, Stories, and Epic Stunts

​​After a century of astounding readers with wild, wonderful, and not-to-be-missed stories from across the globe, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! goes next level with Nitro Circus Legends, Stories, and Epic Stunts

This deluxe hardcover book recounts Nitro Circus’ rise from a group of adventurous friends filming crazy home-grown stunts to its explosion as a global phenomenon on MTV. Lead by ringleader and cofounder Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus continues to thrive with electrifying world tours, hit TV specials and innovative competitions like Nitro World Games and Nitro Rallycross. Now, Nitro Circus Legends, Stories, and Epic Stunts captures it all like never before. 

Readers will relive Nitro Circus’ biggest moments in this 128-page volume, which includes amazing photos, inspiring athlete profiles, and behind-the-scenes details. It also highlights the Nitro crew’s record-breaking achievements and outrageous exploits that thrill-loving readers of all ages are sure to enjoy, including:

-       Dual threat Ryan “R-Willy” Williams landing countless world’s firsts on BMX and scooter, earning recognition as one of the most exciting athletes in action sports today.

-       Trailblazing WCMX athlete Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham refusing to let his wheelchair slow him down and instead using it to push the limits flying off the 55-foot Giganta ramp.

-       Champion female motocross athlete Vicki Golden breaking boundaries, including taking on one of the biggest ramps in FMX: Nitro Circus’ huge Moon Booter.

-       Bruce Cook proving that you truly “Never Say Can’t” with his inspirational comeback from a traumatic injury to get back on the bike and live his FMX dream.

-       “Contraptions King” Dusty Wygle proving that a rocking horse can actually fly.

Nitro Circus Legends, Stories, and Epic Stunts is available now at all major booksellers, as well as online through It is also part of a growing range of Nitro Circus titles from Ripley Publishing, which includes Best of BMX and Best of Scooter books, as well as four entries in the Ripley Readers Series, designed to help kids build their reading skills and confidence at any level. Look for more Nitro Circus releases to come in 2020.

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