BEKHealth Launches SiteWorks - a CRM to Make Research Coordination Easier

A CRM designed specifically for research teams to enable the seamless communication between CRCs, nurses, providers and patients.

BEKHealth, the AI-enabled research platform of choice of healthcare businesses, today announced the launch of SiteWorks - the first CRM designed for research teams that removes barriers to providing research opportunities to patients. Time and speed are invaluable and healthcare professionals are actively seeking better ways to communicate in a distributed workforce and make an immediate impact without adding stress or logistical barriers.

"From our founding, we have taken user feedback very seriously in influencing our product roadmap. Customer working sessions highlighted a major inadequacy in the coordination between CRCs, nurses, providers, and patients," said Jason Baumgartner, CEO of BEKHealth. "Act fast, streamline workflow, increase efficiency and improve coordination -- this can have a major impact on clinical research operations."

SiteWorks complements existing BEKHealth solutions to accelerate research, eliminating manual tasks while reducing costs.

  • BEK Translate: Proprietary EMR adapters and research ontologies accelerate the translation of structured and unstructured information into 100% research-ready data.
  • BEK Feasibility: Industries largest clinical library of terms allowing rapid and accurate feasibility and site analysis.
  • BEK AutoRecruiter: Machine learning algorithms drive automated identification of protocol-eligible patients daily with a high level of precision.
  • BEK SiteWorks: Centralized and easy-to-use interface to power research coordination and increased enrollment.

"We designed SiteWorks for both emerging research practices to large medical centers -- for traditional to virtual trials. As medical care becomes more decentralized it's more important than ever to streamline communication," says Josh Ransom, PhD, Vice President of Customer Experience at BEKHealth. "Generalized CRM solutions or spreadsheets aren't designed for medical workflow and create more burden than value. With SiteWorks, we're providing a solution that makes it easy to coordinate care between research teams, providers and patients"


BEKHealth is a privately held, venture-backed business based in Connecticut.  BEKHealth was founded to serve a core need of clinical research - more accurate and automated trial feasibility and patient trial matching. By combining a proprietary EMR data processing engine with easy-to-use and impactful workflow solutions, we provide sites and CROs the ability to achieve "the last mile" to recruit the right patients more rapidly.

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Source: BEKHealth Corporation