BEKHealth Announces Partnership With ClinCloud to Boost Patient Participation in Clinical Research

BEKHealth and ClinCloud have entered into a commercial deal to provide dedicated trial feasibility, patient recruitment and analytics solutions to biopharmaceutical sponsors and neurology practices in the greater Orlando Area. Under the agreement, ClinCloud intends to leverage BEKHealth’s AI-enabled rapid trial feasibility and AI-enabled pre-screening technology in various neurology studies, initially focusing on Alzheimer’s disease with the intention of expanding to schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and beyond. 

With the dedicated combined services, sponsors and medical sites can expect dramatic improvement in patient enrollment. While the pace of medical innovation has accelerated and the number of registered clinical trials has grown 20 percent yearly, R&D productivity has remained stagnant due to clinical processes that are highly manual, costly and inefficient. Even though thousands of patients may enter a medical center every day, less than five percent are actually considered for a trial.

“The fact that 95 percent of patients are not considered for a clinical trial is the root cause of poor R&D productivity. When we leverage technology to evaluate 100 percent of patients, we can expect at least a 300 percent increase in enrollment,” stated Jason Baumgartner, founder and CEO of BEKHealth. “Improved patient recruitment is fundamental to the success of biopharmaceutical companies. Even more important — access to clinical trials can be life-changing for patients, especially in diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.”

Jessica Branning, ClinCloud CEO, has seen significant improvements. “BEKHealth has reduced the burden of hours spent reviewing charts to determine patient eligibility into clinical trials. Our site has been able to allocate the time saved towards seeing more study visits and meeting enrollment goals more efficiently.” 

BEKHealth’s platform is designed to provide breakthrough advances in efficiency, cost and time to study completion. The primary design driver is efficiency — nothing is more important than identifying the right trial for a patient in a timely manner.

About BEKHealth

BEKHealth has developed a family of R&D platform solutions that will increase efficiency and performance of clinical research operations while reducing cost and increasing enrollment by a factor of five. As the only technology platform designed for research sites, BEKHealth provides complete rapid trial feasibility, AI-enabled patient screening and trial performance analytics, offering significant advantages to single-use-case solution providers. Founded in 2017, BEKHealth is a private company owned by its founder and a small group of external advisors. ​

About ClinCloud

ClinCloud was founded with the mission of streamlining medical advances through clinical research. We believe that the most effective way to change the landscape of human health is to build a community of providers and participants with a central goal of solving our most pressing health concerns. This collaborative hub of volunteers, researchers, patient advocates and healthcare providers is the ClinCloud.

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