BEE Continues Its Development and Growth With New Website, Mongolian Office, & TEDx Talk

Founder and President of BEE Incorporations, Alessandro Bisagni, gave a TEDx Talk on indoor air quality and its effects on everyday quality of life. BEE also took another step towards the future with the opening of a new office in Mongolia and the launch of its new website.

We as humans take over 20,000 breaths a day. However, we rarely know the composition of the air we breathe. This is especially true of indoor air quality. Alessandro Bisagni, founder of BEE Incorporations, recent TEDx Talk highlighted the importance of measuring and improving indoor wellness, beginning with air quality. This message is underscored by BEE’s involvement with retail stores who were unaware of the dangerously high levels of particulate matter in their air. The example given shows how BEE’s team helped the store to monitor and measure the levels of unhealthy compounds, enabling the client to clearly see the problem, and find the solution in order to provide their employees with the healthy air needed to improve indoor wellness. Alessandro’s talk successfully helps anybody watching to understand what we need to be looking for, how it can affect us and what can be done to enable change. Watch the whole talk at TED’s YouTube page: (

New Office in Mongolia

BEE recently welcomed a new team to the BEE Incorporations family following the opening of our office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This branch will strive to be the leading green building consultancy service in the Mongolian market through its forward-thinking direction towards more sustainable business practices. We are very excited about the development of Mongolia and more importantly the growing demand for sustainable services in and around the region as we expect this new office to help shape the future of sustainable business practices in Mongolia throughout the coming years of economic development. 

New Website Update

BEE launched its new website this week as part of its new branding policy under BEE Incorporations. This gives BEE a sleek and sophisticated new look to the brand, that provides a very intuitive interface for finding all the latest news and project updates, as well being able to investigate our wide range of services. The new website is just the latest example of BEE’s place at the forefront of the green building consultancy industry.

About Us

BEE Incorporations are engineering consultants and materials specialists focusing on sustainability for the built environment. Via our offices in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Mongolia, Australia, UK, France, and Italy we support projects all over the world to achieve their sustainability targets in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We have over 370 LEED projects in over 30 countries comprising over 35 million square feet of GFA. In 2018 we were responsible for certifying the first city in Europe under LEED for Cities, the City of Savona.

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About BEE Incorporations

BEE Incorporations is an engineering consulting and material specialist firm, with offices in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, Mongolia, India, and UK, focused on sustainability for the built environment.

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