RE/MAX Land & Development Discusses Becoming an Expert in Belize Real Estate

​​​​Lately in Ambergris Caye, Belize, it seems like every week there is a new announcement that tops the last. Whether it be Leonard DiCaprio announcing plans to build a $200-$250 million eco resort just off the coast of Ambergris Caye, or the Prime Minister of Belize announcing plans to build a new international airport on the island, every week there has been a new announcement that topped that of the previous week. That is until the latest news emerged on June 15th 2016 when Hilton Worldwide announced that it is partnering with Mahogany Bay Village, a new hotel on Ambergris Caye, to become the first ever branded hotel on the island. Generally when a branded hotel like this enters a market it is the tipping point for significant growth and based on the aftermath of this announcement it appears imminent this will be the case in Ambergris Caye. 

With so much attention going to this small Caribbean island (2 Time Winner of Trip advisors island of the year award) investors and retiree’s are trying to gather as much information as possible with regards to real estate opportunities. In response to high demand to get an extensive educational tour to see the island, John Turley and his team have put together the complete Belize Real Estate Field Trip. Many of their attendee’s have said that its hands down the best way to get completely educated on all the opportunities within this market. Not only do you get a complete overview of the Caribbean/ Central American real estate from John Turley (The owner of the entire region for RE/MAX Central America & Caribbean), you also get to enjoy all the amazing things the island has to offer (Beaches, Boating, Restaurants, Etc..). Nearly all current projects and available properties are covered in great detail and a full analysis of the pros and cons of each is provided. (Including many exclusive properties that will only be seen on this trip!) Its a weekend long and historically attendee's can't imagine making an investment or purchase in a foreign market before attending this. Their team even points out all those key questions you wouldn't think to ask! Over the course of the weekend long trip attendees ride along, sip Belikins (the local Belize beer) and check out the best deals on the island while learning about the entire process of buying Belize real estate from the market experts. 

Because of their proven track record in helping investors find the best investment opportunities in this market, they are often asked if we will take a day to educate people on the market. It isn't possible to learn everything you need to know by spending an afternoon looking at properties. Whether you are planning to invest $30,000 or $5 million dollars, it is essential you invest in your education. John Turley and his team are the trusted advisors to hundreds of investors in the Ambergris Caye market and would like to invite you to join them for a Belize Field Trip (July 8th-11th OR  September 2nd-5th)

John and his team will spend 3 days with you sharing market insights, investment strategies, and of course touring all types of investment opportunities ranging from single family homes, condo developments, land, and even a few exclusive opportunities many people don't even know exist. This Field Trip is hands down the best way to get educated on the Ambergris Caye market.

Check out the latest video on it we just put together and more info on the site:

Field Trip Video


Will Mitchell

RE/MAX Island Real Estate

Source: RE/MAX Land & Development

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