Signs MoU With Juancheng County to Boost County's Global Exports, a subsidiary of, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Juancheng County's Department of Commerce to augment and enhance the overall exports of the County.

Representatives from Juancheng County's Department of Commerce and the CEO of BeauteTrade, Noman Javed, witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. The prime objective behind the signing of the MoU is to reaffirm the importance of cooperation to ultimately enhance the global exports of the County, emphasizing the significant role will play in boosting the economy of the County. This has been done to promote the rapidly growing e-commerce industry of the County further. Globalization of the e-commerce industry has brought forth developing countries equipping themselves with the necessary measures to steady the feet of small and medium-scale enterprises, and the following MoU can play a vital part in boosting the economy of the County. SMEs can bolster the economy and bring fruitful results for a country’s development, which has been proved time and again., under the terms of this MoU, has agreed to assist cosmetic and beauty products suppliers throughout Juancheng County to help them flourish further through e-commerce. Both participants intend on participating in activities that are to bring rewarding results based on equality and mutual benefits. Furthermore, it was declared by the contributors that they will be cooperating on promoting international trade and business cooperation between Juancheng County and the rest of the world via

BeauteTrade, a subsidiary of the biggest B2B platform,, is one of the most prominent contributors to the e-commerce industry among various B2B entities. The obligations of this MoU will be empowering to both Juancheng County and BeauteTrade in mutually benefitting terms.

This is what Noman Javed, CEO of BeauteTrade, had to say whilst addressing the MoU signing ceremony:

“I am honored to have had the opportunity to sign this MoU with Juancheng County’s Department of Commerce. Today, by entering into this agreement, we will be further consolidating the mutual cooperation that will look to bring about a positive change for small and medium enterprises. With the support of BeauteTrade, the County’s local businesses are expected to elevate with a rich array of business development activities, ultimately resulting in maximized exports.”

The alliance between Juancheng County and will allow SMEs to stimulate their beauty products business and exports worldwide. In compliance with the terms of the MoU, BeauteTrade pledged to nurture Juancheng County’s Global exports internationally. Juancheng County has agreed to cooperate with BeauteTrade in every means possible.

Under the terms of the MoU, Juancheng County’s Department of Commerce and have agreed to foster worldwide growth with BeauteTrade's expertise in business development, which will efficiently assist the County SMEs to promote their business operations and exports worldwide. The entire process is intended to boost the economy of the County, enhance its global exports and elevate the County’s current export standing to the next level. This partnership will expand export options for numerous SMEs across a broad spectrum.

Juancheng’s representative expressed their intention to promote exports in the world with the help of the excellent reach of BeauteTrade in the international market.

The participants have agreed on sharing relevant information and best practices on innovation and entrepreneurship to promote business cooperation relating to SMEs. The aim here is to cooperate in several areas to encourage the exports of the County of Juancheng, effectively contributing to the growth of the economy of the Republic of China.

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