Beacinsight Launches Workflow Insights to Optimize Operations Decisions and Streamline Workflow

Web-based tool transforms understanding of day-to-day operations and resource planning for healthcare practices

Workflow Creation

Beacinsight, an operations intelligence solution that automates workflow decisions for care teams in real time, announced the general availability of Workflow Insights, making their AI-driven optimization tools accessible to ambulatory practices that do not currently use the company’s mobile solution. Designed to “future proof” organizations’ decision making, Workflow Insights is a web-based simulation tool that analyzes clinic resources, schedule templates and existing care processes to predict the outcomes of operations and resource adjustments.

Workflow Insights allows clinicians and administrators to not only understand how scheduling expectations differ from the daily reality but also the most effective methods for advancing their operational goals. This empowers care teams to boost clinical productivity, streamline clinic workflows and improve patient experience.

Beacinsight helped us to improve our operational processes and decrease patient wait time by 20 percent. As a result, we are better able to deliver a consistently positive patient experience and optimize our clinicians' work days.

Carlos Estrada

Surgeon-scientist at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Workflow Insights works by helping teams to identify high-value opportunities for improvement to best achieve specific goals, such as “reduce patient wait time.” These insights are individualized for clinic factors such as:

·      Practice types

·      Appointment types or patient diagnoses

·      Provider preferences and styles

·      Number of providers and clinic support staff

·      Number of exam rooms and testing areas

“Beacinsight helped us to improve our operational processes and decrease patient wait time by 20 percent,” said Carlos Estrada, a surgeon-scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. “As a result, we are better able to deliver a consistently positive patient experience and optimize our clinicians' work days.”

Both patients and clinical staff benefit from increasing the efficiency of day-to-day operations. Patients experience a personalized, curated flow through the system: expectations for who they interact with and how much time they spend with each provider, at each appointment and across the entire experience are determined in advance and updated as they arrive and move through their visit in real time. Similarly, expectations for caregivers and staff are based on reality — not only the work required to achieve those targets but also how they accomplish this work. Their workflow is individualized and responsive.

Patient wait time is an increasingly visible and important metric to ambulatory practices. Studies have shown that longer wait times are harmful to Net Promoter Scores (NPS). In particular, patient NPS drop off precipitously after waiting for 20 minutes. Further, patients in the waiting area occupy valuable physical space that could be repurposed. In sum, wait time is costly and a tangible marker of operational inefficiency. Workflow Insights reduces patient wait time and increases clinical effectiveness, allowing clinicians to get more out of their day, deliver better care and improve clinical operations.

“Closing the expectation gap in healthcare is a big part of what we’re doing at Beacinsight,” said Eliot Wall, CEO and founder. “When clinics fully understand how their day plays out, they can see these gaps and pivot to close them more quickly. This allows them to better serve patients, meet expectations for them, as well as themselves.”

About Beacinsight

Beacinsight applies behavioral science, operations management principles and AI to help organizations make better decisions about the process of delivering care. Its operations intelligence system processes clinic and patient flows in real time and then presents optimally efficient decisions for patient and caregiver experience.

Backed by a team with 30-plus years working inside healthcare, our products enhance human judgment to improve care delivery and operational workflow, answering specific business questions around service reliability, scaling process improvement and resource planning. 

Beacinsight can be reached at 1.888.962.7456 or connect with us on the web at, on Linkedin or on Twitter @beacinsight.       


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