BCS Technology Partners With Cazena to Provide Big Data as a Service

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BCS Technology

BCS Technology, a global IT professional services company providing end to end solutions in big data and analytics, has formally signed an agreement with Cazena, a company based out of the U.S providing fully-managed Big Data as a Service for data science, analytics and data lakes.

Organizations today experience many challenges in selecting the right tools with the right services in order to adopt a big data strategy. Common challenges include security, as well as the difficulty of implementing, maintaining and monitoring these systems. Companies often spend too much time worrying about their platform, without enough resources focused on analytics.

“Quite often with Big Data implementation projects, the biggest challenge is acquiring the expertise and know-how to manage a Big Data Platform, however, Cazena’s Managed Service completely removes this challenge,” said Richard Parhusip, Commercial Director, BCS Technology.

Cazena is delivered as fully-managed solutions in the cloud, which embed Cloudera, the popular Big Data software for enterprises. Teams can move, store, share and analyze Big Data in a few clicks on Cazena’s web interface, with the confidence of their platform being secure and cost-effective. BCS will use Cazena to deliver customised solutions for advanced analytics, machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

 “We are pleased to announce our partnership with BCS Technology,” said Prat Moghe, Cazena founder and CEO. “Their proven expertise in data science and analytics on Cloudera platforms, combined with Cazena’s fully-managed solutions, will help companies go to market much faster with their data strategies.“

“Our partnership with Cazena and their platform allows us to offer our customers a way to get up and running with Big Data initiatives in a matter of days as opposed to several months,” said Richard Parhusip, Commercial Director, BCS Technology.

Cazena’s user interface and secure solutions radically simplify working with complex big data technologies such as Spark and Hadoop. Cazena’s “data science sandbox as a service” is a turnkey solution for advanced analytics (R, Python, etc.) and its “data lake as a service” stores massive data volumes and easily supports mixed workloads including data ingestion, data engineering, data pipelines and data science.  

“A lot of customers underestimated the total cost of ownership of implementing and maintaining a Big Data platform. Based on our discussions with our current customers, we have identified significant cost savings through the implementation of Cazena’s fully-managed service.” said Richard Parhusip, Commercial Director, BCS Technology.

BCS will be sponsoring the upcoming Cloudera Sessions in Sydney and Melbourne where it will share more about its services and partners. Technical representatives from Cazena will be on hand to share more.

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About BCS Technology

BCS Technology is a leading IT Professional services organisation that provides end to end solutions in big data and analytics through a team of highly qualified and seasoned data scientists.

With the exponential growth of BCS and big data, a subsidiary of ML Labs has been formed, which focuses on providing machine learning and deep learning algorithm solutions to clients looking to begin their journey through big data and analytics.

Through the strategic partnership with Cloudera, BCS Technology has been utilized to implement end to end Apache Hadoop solutions to Cloudera clients, as well as develop ground breaking products operating on the Cloudera enterprise platform.

About Cazena

Cazena’s mission is to radically simplify data and analytics, with the first, fully-managed, Big Data as a Service. With Cazena, teams can move, store, share and analyze Big Data in a few clicks, without specialized dev-ops skills. Solutions are agile, low-risk and cost-effective. Cazena’s managed service combines best-of-breed technologies with automation and cloud infrastructure (Cloudera, Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.) to deliver production-ready solutions quickly, with 24/7 support.

Cazena was founded by industry veterans behind the popular Netezza data warehousing appliance, attracting an elite team, significant industry recognition and Fortune 500 customers from a variety of industries. Learn more at cazena.com.

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