BC.Game Launches AI Powered Video Poker

BC.Game Supports Auto-Play With The Launch Of Their AI Powered Video Poker Game

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BC.Game just launched an AI (artificial intelligence) powered video poker game that grants users the ability to set up their games to play automatically. The AI algorithms will choose which cards to hold based on which cards will provide the highest chance of contributing to a winning hand.

AI powered games are commonplace at BC.Game. They are one of the few sites that allow users to write and upload their own code for the game. The key feature of the BC.Game scripting system is that the script developer can customize the user input interface, allowing the script to read user-defined variables and make the script run according to different user configurations. This allows users to teach the games to behave in a way that suits their specific style of playing.

The launch of the AI powered video poker game follows the recent release of Plinko, a pyramid-shaped peg board game in which players drop a ball from the top to bounce down through the pegs towards one of many winning slots at the bottom.

"Video Poker with auto-play was one of the games that was the most requested by our community. Second only to Four-Card Keno," said Chris Butler, Chief Of Operations at BC.Game. Butler continued by saying, "We have been in a constant state of improvement here at BC.Game. We have not let one month pass by this year without releasing either a fun new game or a feature-filled upgrade and we are not slowing down by any means. What our community wants, our community gets." 

BC.Game is a multi-currency blockchain gaming platform that is also a Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS Dapp, or decentralized application. The platform runs its own node on the Bitcoin Lightning Network that allows for instant Bitcoin deposits and withdraws that would otherwise require from fifteen minutes up to several hours of waiting time. BC.Game has been in operation for two years and has had to continuously scale their platform to receive the constant influx of new users.

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