BC.Game Launched VIP Membership Program Plus a Daily Prize Wheel for All Players

The cryptocurrency game site now offers a spin on the prize wheel every day for all registered users


BC.Game announced a multi-tier VIP membership with gifts, features and cryptocurrency incentives for those who are club members.  

The prizes named on the website range from modest to lavish. The highest ranks are offered expensive trips, cruises and gifts. 

The VIP Club announcement was made shortly after the company announced that it had higher winning odds on certain games than other similar sites. 

BC.Game is a multi-currency blockchain gaming platform that operates its own node on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The Lightning Network allows for instant Bitcoin deposits and withdraws that would otherwise require an unpredictable amount of time, based on the fluctuations of the blockchain. BC.Game has been in operation for two years and makes an effort to continuously improve and scale its platform to best suit the needs and wants of the user base.

Contact: Chris Butler 

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Source: BC.Game