Bay City Connections Named 2017 Top Place to Work

Bay City Connections was named one of the Top Places to Work in 2017. The company’s Managers, Veronica and Jackson, expressed their excitement over receiving this award.

The success story of Bay City Connections centers on its team of talented professionals. Veronica and Jackson made it clear that fostering a fulfilling work environment is one of their highest priorities. Therefore, they were thrilled to learn that their company had been recognized on the Top Places to Work 2017.

“Our team is the best, and we couldn’t be prouder that they feel the same way about our company,” Jackson exclaimed. To which Veronica added, “It’s an honor to be awarded the Top Places to Work 2017. This truly means we are working towards a stronger company culture.”

"Our team is the best, and we couldn't be prouder that they feel the same way about our company."



The award is given based on receiving positive peer reviews on the Fair Business Report (FBR) website. It is intended to highlight companies that create an upbeat and empowering environment for team members.

Other recipients of the reward have been recognized for providing exceptional professional development options, fair advancement opportunities, positive feedback and recognition of accomplishments, outstanding coaching and mentorship relationships, philanthropic activities, and fostering an excellent company culture.

“We work hard to create an enjoyable workplace for our associates,” Veronica said. “Receiving this award is much-appreciated validation that we are on the right path.”

Both Veronica and Jackson expressed their hopes to earn the award again in 2018. “This award is a big honor,” said Jackson. “However, the real accomplishment is providing an empowering environment for our people. That is something we’ll keep working on, regardless of awards. We just want people to love being a part of the Bay City Connections team.”

Bay City Connections’ Managers Discussed Recruitment

One of the primary benefits of Bay City Connections receiving this award is that it will help attract new talent, according to the firm’s Managers. Veronica asserted feeling a strong connection to the company culture and values is one of the most important aspects of career satisfaction.

“Building a great team requires us to make a strong case for why people should work here,” Jackson added. “We offer advancement opportunities, a value-driven mission, and many perks. Being able to show that people also love our workplace really adds to our value proposition in the eyes of prospective hires.”

Veronica concluded, “This award will accelerate our team-building strategy. We can’t wait to continue our recruitment efforts with this new credential in hand.”

About Bay City Connections:

Bay City Connections’s strategic approach is more than simply a direct sales pitch. We’ve created an outreach model that emphasizes getting to know customers. Each interaction is customized to create a memorable product experience that increases the buying impulse. We know how to represent any consumer product to generate sales that are unsurpassed. We’ve created a proprietary training program for our associates that is multi-stage. Working one-on-one with individual coaches, our new associates learn our methods and specialized techniques. They develop the business skills that help them get attention and drive product sales for any brand. We generate a buzz for bigger results.


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