Bay City Connections Celebrates Successes at Conference

Several Bay City Connections team members recently returned from a national leadership conference in Dallas. The company’s leadership team indicated that the event was a huge success.

The conference involved professionals from across the sales and marketing industry. The Bay City Connections delegation was made up of 15 individuals including assistant manager Veronica, manager Jackson, and several team leaders. This group achieved a great deal during the event. Perhaps most notable was that the company’s leader gave a keynote speech on training and recruitment.

“It was a real honor to be able to share everything I have learned about successful team development,” the firm’s Manager said. “Thanks to the support of this great team, I have been able to create a very effective recruitment system at Bay City Connections. So many of my peers from around the industry attended the speech. I am thrilled to have been able to talk about our successes with them.”

"It was a real honor to be able to share everything I have learned about successful team development."



The firm’s innovative approach to recruitment was based on recent statistics about job searches. Ninety-five percent of job seekers use the internet to research companies before applying or showing up. Similarly, 90 percent read reviews to help make decisions. Seventy-four percent look at up to five different social media accounts when making decisions.

“All this means that it is essential to have a strong online presence,” the company leader said. “I think a lot of business leaders are simply expecting applicants because they have a job to offer. This research clearly indicates that applicants are doing real research first. Cultivating an attractive digital image is an absolute must for any modern company.”

At the conference, the Bay City Connections team had the chance to attend workshops held by leading experts in the industry. They also had plenty of opportunities to network with their peers from around the country.

Bay City Connections’ Leader Discussed the Value of Travel

According to the Manager of the Bay City Connections team, travel can be extremely valuable for any growing business. It provides team members with an opportunity to experience new ideas and cultures.

“Learning how to think from different perspectives is essential to innovative problem solving,” she explained. “Travel also helps to shake things up from the routine, which is helpful for creativity. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that people who get out of the office regularly also tend to be happier and more productive.”

Perhaps the most significant benefit of travel, however, is the ability to do business in person, she asserted. “We are able to interact one-on-one with the brands we represent and with consumers. I think there is a huge amount of value to be gained from getting into the same room. We have achieved a lot of growth thanks to our focus on travel.”

About Bay City Connections:

Bay City Connections’ strategic approach is more than simply a direct sales pitch. We’ve created an outreach model that emphasizes getting to know customers. Each interaction is customized to create a memorable product experience that increases the buying impulse. We know how to represent any consumer product to generate sales that are unsurpassed. We’ve created a proprietary training program for our associates that is multi-stage. Working one-on-one with individual coaches, our new associates learn our methods and specialized techniques. They develop the business skills that help them get attention and drive product sales for any brand. We generate a buzz for bigger results:

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