"Barknado" World Record at Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition

12th Annual Event Not a Stranger to Record Setting


 The 2017 Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition took place Saturday, July 29th, at Imperial Beach, CA.  Sixty-one dogs dressed in dog fins on the beach, “quandems” (four-dogs on a board) and fifty-five dogs that surf better than most humans were the highlights of the 12th annual event that pioneered official dog surfing competition 

A large crowd of fur fans (approximately 3000) cheered on the surFURs from the sand and the Imperial Beach Pier.  The canine competitors, who were judged by professional surf judges, participated in heats based on their weight, with small, medium, large, extra-large, “shredder” categories as well as tandem divisions of dog/dog and dog/human.  The dog-dog tandem heats included one team that had four Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dogs on a board all dressed in patriotic themed surf-wear.  

Dubbed, BARKNADO, in honor of Sharkweek, a world record was attempted for most dogs wearing shark fins on the beach.  The attempt was for fifty dogs and the final results were sixty-one “landsharks”.  Although a record was set, it is still unofficial pending Guinness World Record approval.  Record setting is nothing new to this competition, as in 2012, a world record was set with most dogs on a board (12). 

The winners of the 2017 Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition are:

CATEGORY        DOG NAME                        BREED                                                                             CITY                  


1                    Joey                          Westie                                                 Huntington Beach, CA

2                    Logan                       French Bulldog                                    Santa Clarita, CA

3                    Samson                    King Charles Cavalier                           Orinda, CA


1                    Torri                         Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever     Encinitas, CA

2                    Giselle                      Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix                   Pomona, CA

3                    Brandy the Pug        Pug                                                       Vista, CA   


1                    Kai                            Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever     Encinitas, CA

2                    Brody                        Double Doodle                                     Fullerton, CA

3                    Athena                     Border Collie Mix                                 Pomona, CA


1                    Koa                           Labrador Retriever                              Vista, CA   

2                    Derby                        GoldenDoodle                                      San Diego, CA

3                    Turbo                        Golden Retriever                                 San Diego, CA


1                    Sugar                        Mix                                                       Huntington Beach, CA

2                    Cherie                       French Bulldog                                    Newport Beach, CA

3                    Teddy                       Goldendoodle                                      San Diego, CA

TANDEM DOG / HUMAN                                                                                            

1                    Sugar & Ryan Rustan                                                           Huntington Beach, CA

2                    Giselle & Jonah Manfood                                                     Pomona, CA

3                    Bamboo & Brandon Scolman                                               Fullerton, CA

TANDEM DOG/DOG                                                                                                    

1                    Giselle/Rusty                                                                        Huntington Beach, CA

2                    Samson/Delilah                                                                    Orinda, CA

3                    Torri/Kai/Fire/Maggie                                                         Encinitas, CA

The Imperial Beach Surf Dog Event also featured a surFUR expo, gourmet food trucks and a beer garden sponsored by Coronado Brewing Company.  Partial event proceeds from the event estimated to be $2,000 benefited the San Diego Humane Society.

The Imperial Beach Surf Dog Event is part of the Surf Dog Events Series, which culminates with the Surf City Surf Dog® event in Huntington Beach on September 23. For more information, please visit surfdogevents.com and like us on Instagram/SurfDogEvents and Facebook.com/SurfDogEvents

Source: Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition

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