Barefoot Student - the Top 5 Jobs for College Students

​​​College isn’t just about studying — for the majority of students, it’s more about striking a balance between earning good grades and earning enough to fund their education. Approximately 70% of college students work part-time or full-time while earning their degrees, which builds a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility — but it can also lead to burn out.

How can students ensure they're making enough money and still make time for their studies? With job search platforms like Barefoot Student, college students can score a well-paying, flexible gig built specifically for their student schedule. Here are the top five jobs for college students:

1. Pet Sitter

Having a hard time living without the comfort of a pet? There’s a way to turn a need for cuddles into cash for college.

Freelancing as a dog walker or pet sitter could be the perfect college gig. Not only will students get to spend time with friendly, furry faces, but students can also work on their own terms and adjust hours to work with their schedule. 

Typical duties for pet sitters include pet transport, feeding and cleanup, dog walking, occasional overnight pet sitting stays and possible vet visits. Start by sitting for friends and family, advertising in a local community, or signing up for official pet sitting websites like Rover, where you can set up a profile and find local on-demand gigs. 

Average pay: $15-40 per hour depending on duties and location — gigs may also pay per day.

2. Nanny

If students are good with kids — or they are majoring in education — working as a nanny offers the opportunity to nurture, play and help out families while operating on a flexible schedule. 

College students can find full-time summer nanny positions working for one family or score part-time positions that work around their class schedule during the semester. Some parents may need help out with morning prep and school drop off, while others may need help out in the afternoons and evenings.

Typical nanny duties can include infant and child care, meal prep and household chores, transport, school dropoff and pickup, and playdates. Find local nanny positions by searching on sites like and 

Average pay: $10-20 an hour is typical, but rates can run much higher depending on your location and job responsibilities. 

3. Tutor

If a student excels in a certain subject, consider becoming a tutor to help other students — and earn some extra money. It is easy to find tutoring positions at colleges or universities, local schools, private organizations or online.

Tutoring responsibilities can include test preparation, subject review and instruction, and essay assistance. 

Average pay: Tutoring gigs can offer more than $30 an hour.

4. Administrative Assistant

Working part-time as an administrative assistant can be a valuable college position. 

Companies in many industries hire college students as administrative assistants — and students need little to no experience to begin. While this position may not offer as much schedule flexibility, offices can coordinate students' hours to offset their class schedules. Administrative work also offers valuable office and career experience.

Job responsibilities may include data entry, bookkeeping, scheduling and phone communication.

Average pay: Students make approximately $13 per hour. 

5. Resident Advisor

Working as a resident advisor (RA) at a college offers an opportunity for discounted room and board, as well as extra spending money for school. Students live in dorms with fellow students, help enforce building rules and offer support for residents. 

Other responsibilities can include helping students move in and out, giving tours and taking phone calls, planning events and enforcing building security.

Average pay: Rates and pay vary depending on the school.

Explore the Top Jobs for College Students

College students looking for easy earnings and flexible work opportunities that work with classes should consider these job options. Connect with the best local jobs and employers by searching on Barefoot Student today!

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