"Baby Come Home": Provides Secure Coming and Going for Residential Furbaby

In and out will never be a problem for pet owners who provide access to their beloved animal using this new door. Baby Come Home is a specially designed, weatherproof automatic “doggy door,” activated either by the pet owner's remote control or by a special transmitter safely embedded in the pet by a veterinarian. The design intent is to provide a more convenient, secure system for allowing dogs, cats and all domesticated animals access to the outdoors, and back inside when necessary and as often as they like, or as the pet owner allows.

Baby Come Home doggy door can be built into or added to a standard door; yet, instead of a hinge mounted, flap like opening, Baby Come Home is configured as a sliding, automated, impenetrable door operating on durable tracks that slide upward and downward when activated. This is achieved via a receiver system, consisting of a tuned frequency and receiver circuit, enclosed within the durable housing of the lid. The corresponding transmitter is surgically placed beneath the pet's skin in a safe location and features a frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna, and required electrical/electronic components and circuitry. When the pet approaches the door, the embedded chip generates and transmits a signal. Upon reception of the signal the companion receiving unit operating the doggy door opens the door rolling upward on its track permitting access inside or out. When the pet walks away from the door the process is reversed, and the door is closed and locked into place. Baby Come Home works when the pet wants out and back in. In addition, the receiver system can be deactivated by the pet owner at any time to prevent pets from coming and going. Importantly, each chip and remote will work on different frequencies so other strange animals using this system cannot the Baby Come Home door. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Baby Come Home.
Baby Come Home is Patent Pending and was invented by D.Stewart of Chicago, IL who said, “Baby Come Home is reminiscent of a garage door system because it opens when the animal is within a certain area of the door and yet also allows the human occupant to control it remotely. It reminds me of a garage door because it allows the animal to freely take a walk and return without looking for human help. It works perfectly for all owners and the furbaby as well.”

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