Axuall Partners with Hyr Medical to Pilot Digital Credentials Across its Physician Population

Alliance addresses the billion-dollar challenge of balancing workforce demands with rising standards for placing qualified healthcare practitioners

Axuall, Inc. and Hyr Medical, Inc. announced today that the companies are engaged in a pilot to test and implement portable digital credentials across portions of Hyr Medical's 650+ physician network. By leveraging Axuall's national network of primary source credential issuers, physicians will be able to present fully compliant credential sets to participating healthcare systems and medical groups for which they apply to via the Hyr platform. 

Supported credential types include medical education, training, licensing, board certification, work history, competency evaluations, sanctions, and adverse events; credentials commonly required to meet industry standards, regulations, and health system bylaws.

Regulations require healthcare employers and health plans to credential practitioners upon hire and periodically after that - a process that takes significant operating expense and anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete. This process often must be repeated for each additional care setting for which a physician is deployed. Meanwhile, qualified physicians wait to start work, patients wait for care, and healthcare systems lose money. 

"Together, Hyr and Axuall technologies will play complementary roles in reducing unnecessary costs and time to place qualified physicians into much-needed positions," stated Charlie Lougheed, Axuall's CEO. "We expect to learn a great deal during this pilot as we observe how this technology reshapes workflows and improves efficiencies."

The streamlined placement of qualified healthcare professionals, aided by secure digital credentials, offers the potential to save the U.S. healthcare system billions annually while improving efficiency, accuracy, privacy, and security.

"As the U.S. healthcare system grapples with the challenges of meeting the growing demand for care coupled with the disparity in physician density between metro and rural locations, healthcare employers are looking for new ways to attract, engage and deploy practitioners" stated Hyr Medical CEO, Manoj Jhaveri. "We expect new models like on-demand freelancing, telehealth, and faster placement to play a significant role in addressing these challenges. Technologies like Axuall and Hyr will enable these advancements."​

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Source: Axuall, Inc.


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