Axela Technologies Expands Operations to West Coast With New Regional VP of Business Development

In their mission to provide collection services to community associations across the nation, Axela Technologies welcomes Alisher Sabirov to spearhead the company's expansion to California and the West Coast Region.

​​Axela Technologies, a leading provider of automated collections solutions for Community Associations, announced today its expansion into the west coast market with the hiring of Alisher Sabirov as regional VP of Business Development. Mr. Sabirov will be based in California, the second largest state for the condo and HOA market.

Mr. Sabirov is a seasoned professional with over 13 years experience in the AR and collections space. Prior to joining Axela, he spent the past seven years as the Marketing Director for one of California’s leading association collection service providers.

“We’ve been eager to expand our operations into the west coast,” says Mitchell Drimmer, Axela’s President of Business Development. “2019 was a landmark year for Axela as we expanded our presence from Florida to over 15 states. Alisher's regional market knowledge is sure to be an asset in helping us grow our presence and extend our offerings to communities in California and the surrounding states.”

Axela’s collections software empowers management companies to add collection services as part of their service offerings. By automating the vast majority of repetitive and mundane tasks, management companies are able to reduce the burden on their accounting staff while increasing their service offerings. Axela’s services are typically a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Axela boasts a 95% success rate at recovering delinquent assessments on behalf of associations without resorting to foreclosure or costly legal proceedings.

“I am excited to join a team that puts technology and efficiency at the forefront, both of which result in better service and increased savings for the client,” says Mr. Sabirov. “Axela’s web-based suite of tools provide unparalleled transparency to all stakeholders, including the management companies and their associations, which is something I feel the industry has been lacking until now.”

Mr. Sabirov was previously an attorney in his native Uzbekistan, before moving to Los Angeles in 1993 where he resides with his wife and four children.  



Axela Technologies is a collections firm that specializes in recovering delinquent assessments for the benefit of community associations. Axela reduces the cost of outreach and engagement by automating much of the standardized collections process, all while providing exceptional customer service and a centralized platform for all stakeholders in order to promote transparency and efficiency.

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Source: Axela Technologies