Axela Announces Industry’s First AI Platform for Servicing Delinquent Accounts

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Axela Technologies, the nation’s leading collections software for the community association management (CAM) industry, has announced the industry’s first AI platform for identifying and servicing delinquent accounts, known as Auto-Submit.

Axela’s core service revolves around the timely recovery of past-due assessments, without which the communities will inevitably face financial hardships. The AI engine is designed to provide these mission-critical services at scale, resulting in faster resolution times at the most cost-effective rates.

Thanks to its deep integrations with all leading accounting systems, Axela’s AI allows clients to automate their uniform collections policy and unit submissions, providing consistency across their portfolio and drastically improving aging trends, while ensuring compliance and eliminating claims of selective enforcement. Community Associations configure their settings based on their individual collection policy, knowing that all actions will be fully compliant with federal, state, and local laws, as well as within the bounds of their own governing documents. 

“Clients can now set it and forget it,” said Michael Jenner, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “They configure the settings, and the system executes the process, beginning to end. It allows boards and managers to put their collections on autopilot,” he added. 

This initial release also expands on two core operating features – replying to incoming emails and archiving phone conversations that pass through the platform. The increased volume of both emails and calls has made it difficult to respond in a timely manner. “We had to make a choice,” said Jenner. “Either we extend the response times, or we utilize the latest technology to cut them down, in this case to near-immediate.” 

Today, every inbound email processed through Axela’s platform is instantly summarized, categorized, and based on the characteristics, has a response generated instantly. After testing for several months, Axela got its responses to be 99% accurate, at which point it was programmed to run on its own. 

When it comes to calls, Axela acknowledges that there is a human element that cannot be replaced. As such, all calls processed through the Axela platform are still attended to by human agents, but the calls are transcribed, categorized and archived, which makes it much easier for compliance personnel, both internal and external, to conduct quality control and training. “It’s one of those invisible features that ends up improving your QA processed by a factor of 10, which means more efficiency which drives down cost,” concluded Jenner.  

Axela has committed to doubling down on its AI platform and will continue to announce new features as they are released. The company is inviting all existing and prospective clients to try out these features and discover why they are the future of collections. 

About Axela

Axela Technologies develops software that specializes in recovering delinquent assessments for the benefit of community associations. Axela reduces the cost of outreach and engagement by automating much of the standardized collections process, all while providing complete transparency and exceptional customer service. Axela’s technology platform seamlessly moves collections through helpful and friendly engagement with delinquent owners in a process that is entirely compliant with the FDCPA, TCPA, and FCRA. To learn more about Axela’s AI Platform, visit

Source: Axela Technologies