Availius LLC Announced the Launch of the Stool Sample Collection Kit

Konstantin Bas, CEO and founder of Availius, announced the launch of the stool sample collection kit. Even within the first several weeks after the launch, the demand for this product has surpassed the company’s wildest expectations.

According to statistics, only 17% of all orders for stool tests issued by doctors ever reach medical laboratories. Studies show that due to a lack of any device which would make the process of biological sample collection less uncomfortable, most patients simply ignore the doctor’s orders. From the business standpoint, this means that laboratories miss out on over 80% of all sales. The recent Availius product offers a solution to this problem. Their stool sample collection kit is a plastic container which can be used with any type of toilet currently in use. The shape of the container is adjusted to match the human anatomy and allows avoiding specimen contamination during collection.

The production of the specimen collection kits was launched by Avalius in response to the growing market demand. Says CEO Konstantin Bas: “We could not ignore our customers’ demands. We tailor our kits to the specific types of tests offered by laboratories. Our kits are made up with the test specifications in mind, i.e. they can include specimen temperature control devices, requisition forms, procedure manuals for patients, etc., thus allowing laboratories to promote their own brands”.

Availius designs and creates products which have no parallel on the market, to be used by hospitals, clinical laboratories and medical practices. These simple, extremely affordable and indispensable devices are manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Source: Availius LLC

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