AutoAttack Games Launches Sequel to Hugely Popular Debut Game

AutoAttack Games

Two young men from Tampa, Florida, Julian Gari and Brent Batas, have started their own game company to follow their dreams. AutoAttack Games is the vision of the two lifelong friends after a just-for-fun game development project in their youth reached over 100,000 monthly players. AutoAttack Games will launch its debut game Legion TD 2 as the successor to their hugely popular Warcraft III mod, Legion TD, which inspired StarCraft II’s Squadron TD and Dota 2’s Legion TD: Reborn. Now the creators of the original sensation are redefining the tower defense genre. “Our motivation is to deliver a game that our fans love playing and that we love playing,” says Julian.

Legion TD 2 is the first competitive tower defense game for PC. It takes the strategic base-building of classic tower defenses and pushes things to the next level. Instead of constructing buildings, you deploy and upgrade dynamic fighters that come to life. Rather than beat the stage or solve the puzzle once, you coordinate with teammates to defeat intelligently-adapting opponents. With a wide array of strategies, Legion TD 2 offers a unique experience with every game.

AutoAttack Games just launched its Kickstarter campaign on March 1st at By the end of the first day, the project had already met over half of its pledge goal. The Kickstarter rewards offer a variety of never-before-seen content and content that is exclusive to the Kickstarter. A successful Kickstarter will usher Legion TD 2 through closed beta. After the beta stabilizes, they will be adding additional content and improving and balancing the game for years to come. Julian and Brent are excited to see a strong resurgence of players of the original game show their support for the next chapter of Legion TD. Check out the Kickstarter and watch the gameplay trailer at


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