Autism Specialty Group Offering ABA Therapy in Miami to Ease the Back-To-School Transition

Autism Specialty Group is helping children return to school with confidence by providing Autism Therapy in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

Autism Specialty Group

Autism Specialty Group, a behavioral health care organization treating children with autism through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in Miami and the surrounding South Florida area, is ready to help families prepare for the back-to-school transition. 

According to Autism Specialty Group, this field of behavior analysis is based on the science of learning and behavior in real-life environments and aims to increase behaviors that are adaptive in social environments and decrease behaviors that might hinder this progress. The benefits of the various types of ABA Therapy that's offered include: improved social skills, a better ability to focus, concentrate, and engage; and decreased behavioral problems.

Autism Specialty Group's dedicated team offers in-home ABA therapy in Miami, as well as at schools, and in the community. They also conduct remote, online ABA therapy via telehealth

As returning to school can be a challenging transition for some children, Autism Specialty Group offers a balanced approach to creating a treatment plan that is tailored to the student's individual requirements to facilitate a smooth transition. 

Autism Specialty Group also provides training and career development to enable more talented individuals to enter this crucial sector. Their purpose is to build on each other's talents and collaborate so that the children they serve can achieve their greatest potential. They are currently hiring RBTs, BCaBAs, BCBAs.

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About Autism Specialty Group

Autism Specialty Group is one of South Florida's leading behavioral health organizations treating children on the autism spectrum. Their comprehensive approach to treatment includes ABA therapy, which offers an evidence-based approach to helping children with autism improve their communication and social skills and better advocate for their needs at school and in the home. They also provide caregiver training to assist parents and other care providers in creating and maintaining positive changes.

Source: Autism Specialty Group