Autism Specialty Group Looking for Qualified Applicants for ABA Therapy Jobs in South Florida

Autism Specialty Group represents a rapidly growing team of highly skilled RBTs, BCaBAs, and BCBAs serving the counties of Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach

Autism Specialty Group

Autism Specialty Group is growing fast, and they're looking for passionate and skilled individuals to fill a number of open ABA therapy jobs in South Florida. These patient-focused ABA careers are being offered at three different qualification levels, with current openings for Registered Behavior Technicians® (RBT®), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts® (BCaBA®), and Board Certified Analysts® (BCBA®).

Autism Specialty Group invites interested readers to join one of South Florida's premier behavioral health organizations and lend their skills to helping treat children on the autism spectrum throughout Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Core competencies vary by position but include the ability to collaborate openly with other healthcare professionals, as well as a dedication to serving the needs of children with autism and their families. Applicants are also encouraged to have good multitasking skills and to demonstrate excellence in punctuality and time management.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for one of these open positions today by visiting Autism Specialty Group's Career Page. There, they'll be able to learn more about the requirements for the RBT, BCaBA, and BCBA positions, as well as proceed with the application process if they think that they'd be a good fit.

Autism Specialty Group is fully committed to advancing the use of ABA therapy for those on the autism spectrum, with innovative therapies that are geared toward providing both patients and caregivers with the tools that they need to succeed at home, at school, and in the community. Skilled individuals who are interested in advancing this mission are invited to be considered for the team, with applications currently being accepted on an ongoing basis.

About Autism Specialty Group

Autism Specialty Group is one of South Florida's leading behavioral health organizations treating children on the autism spectrum. Their comprehensive approach to treatment includes ABA therapy, which offers an evidence-based approach to helping children with autism improve their communication and social skills and better advocate for their needs at school and in the home. They also provide caregiver training to assist parents and other care providers in creating and maintaining positive changes.

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