Author Lexi Sylver Releases Seductive Fairy Tale "All The Queen's Men" Along With Erotic Teaser Video

Author and entrepreneur Lexi Sylver has just launched her much anticipated erotic short fiction, All The Queen's Men, along with an erotic video trailer for the story. Sylver's e-book release campaign highlights the power of social media and the current popularity of fairy tales and fantasy in entertainment media.

An erotic short story set in a medieval time that explores the power dynamic of BDSM from a royal viewpoint, All The Queen’s Men is the first volume in the original new series by author Lexi Sylver.  To illustrate her story, Sylver also created a short video teaser to offer readers an intriguing glimpse of the seductive and powerful Queen, and the fate of her potential knights during their secret initiation.

Apart from writing erotic stories, Lexi Sylver also owns and manages her website,, with its signature tagline ‘‘Welcome to my Playground’’.  Sylver’s online retail store offers a personal selection of lingerie and adult novelty items, a collection she is looking to expand on in the coming months.  Her website and blog also feature several other erotic short stories, erotic poetry, Top 10 lists, sex advice and erotic news.

Lexi Sylver recognizes that there has been a growing trend of modern entertainment and stories based in fantasy worlds.  Among them are Game of Thrones, the wildly popular HBO series created by author George R.R. Martin, and ABC’s series Once Upon A Time, in which fairy tale legends collide with modern times.  Hollywood has also seen a number of fairy tale inspire remakes over the last years, like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and more recently, Cinderella.

The enchantment of fantasy and fairy tales returning to popular culture is much to the delight of Sylver, who describes All The Queen’s Men as an “exquisitely intense erotic fairy tale for adults”.  Though she began writing the series over five years ago, Sylver became recently inspired to share her stories with the public, and has now published her first short fiction on Amazon Kindle.

As for her motive behind her story’s video teaser, Sylver resolved to approach her book launch in a unique way, seeking to capture the attention of social media users with rich media content.  “I wanted to bridge the gap between the intellectual and visual worlds of eroticism… to tease the imagination of my readers and attract others who don’t usually turn to erotic literature for their pleasure fix.”

When asked if she envisions All The Queen’s Men as an eventual TV series, online series or film, she said: “If that opportunity comes along, I will be thrilled to transform my stories and watch my characters come to life.”

All The Queen’s Men is now available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.  The video trailer is available on YouTube.  For more about Lexi Sylver and her erotic stories, visit 

Lexi Sylver writes erotic literature and erotic poetry and operates an online retail shop of adult novelties and lingerie.  Under this pen name, she has also authored dozens of free erotic short stories on her blog and website with varied themes such as Westerns, BDSM stories and Sapphic romance.  All The Queen’s Men is her first published e-book.

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